How to Choose the Perfect Perfume

How to Choose the Perfect Perfume

Now you have the perfect makeup, the perfect outfit and the perfect accessories, it’s time for your scent. Even if you regularly buy perfume, getting the perfect one is important. This will depend on a number of factors and here are the steps to do it.

shopping-perfumeThink of the Type of Event

Is the event a posh, sit-down meal or are you going out with the girls? Are you going to an all-day wedding or is it the staff Christmas party?

The type of event you go to will affect the type of scent you wear. If you’re going out with the girls or another casual event, sweeter smells are often better.

However, you want stronger more neutral smells when it comes to business events or special occasions.

perfume-bottleThink of the Time of Day

When are you likely to wear the perfume? During the day, you want a natural scent that doesn’t turn too many heads.

You need something suitable to wear at the office or out for lunch with your friends.

However, on a night, you can jazz the scent up. You can opt for the stronger fragrances and those that really pull the attention of others.

perfume-in-handTry the Scents on a Card

To start with, try out the different scents on a card. This will help you find ones that appeal to your own style and those that you want to discard.

Have a different card for each scent and allow it to sit for a while. At first the scent will be overpowering but that’s not what others are going to smell on you!

try-perfumeNow Try Them on You

Once you find a couple that you like, it’s time to focus on trying them on your own skin. The scent can change dramatically due to the oils and natural smell of your skin compared to the card.

Choose a spot on your wrist or the back of your arm and use a completely different spot for each scent. It’s worth allowing the scents to sit on your skin for a few minutes.

Look for other things in the store while you decide on something.

smell-perfumeWhat Do Others Think?

Ask your friends and family members for their opinions. You can get small samples to try and see what they think at home or ask them to go shopping with you.

While you may love something, the majority of people may decide that it doesn’t suit you; or the even that you’re going to. Asking the staff members is fine but remember they’re there to sell!

Vintage-perfume-bottlesDon’t Rely on the Brand

Just because you like one type of perfume from a brand doesn’t mean you’ll like them all. Don’t rely on the name to help you decide without smelling.

Try them to make sure they appeal to you and work for your needs!

Perfume-bottlesBuy Small at First

Perfumes come in different sizes. If you’ve made your choice, buy the smaller option first and try it out over a period of time.

This will tell you whether it is worth the money and whether the scent remains similar throughout the day.

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