Parisian Hair Across the City

On literally every fashion metropolis this season, you could see the so-called Parisian hair. It’s partly messy and partly sleek, with an air of confidence and nonchalance.

Shades are natural, mostly brownish yet slightly bleached from the sun! It’s either mid- or deep side-parted and it bents wherever nature dictates, causing an ultra-light wave! Parisian girls were highly visible in London too during Fashion Week. Let’s see the most successful iterations of the look!

alexa-chung-street-chopTHE CHOP

Chopping you hair as cool as Alexa Chung’s is the optimum way to rock the Parisian look with an international flair.

Alexa has casual bangs, sometimes swept to the side and other times covering her forehead, but never very thick. How you part your hair is to your discretion, yet the middle part is again suggested.

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