The Benefits of Eating Kale

A lot of women eat greens on a regular basis because they provide vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. While women eat things like lettuce, collard greens, and spinach, there is a new green leafy vegetable that is becoming popular. Kale is part of the cabbage family, and both men and women are discovering all the benefits of adding it to the greens they normally eat.

Kale can protect the body from cancer:

There are a lot of different antioxidant in kale, and women who eat it are often are actually protecting their bodies from developing cancer cells.

The antioxidants that are naturally found in kale are carotenoids and flavonoids, and many researchers who look into cancer recommend eating these antioxidants to keep a body cancer-free.

Kale can get rid of swelling in the joints:

Kale has a small percentage of omega-3 fatty acids, but then though the percentage is low, there are still enough of these fatty acids to help keep a woman’s joints healthy and prevent them from becoming swollen with fluid.

Kale can take care of the vision:

Kale, like all leafy green vegetables, has a lot of vitamin A in it. For women who want to improve and protect their vision, eating kale every day can provide plenty of vitamin A.

As women get older, they can start having problems with their eyes, but a diet with plenty of kale can prevent eye problems such as glaucoma and blindness. Also, vitamin A can keep a woman’s skin looking beautiful, wrinkle-free, and healthy.

Kale contains a lot of calcium:

Women usually get their calcium from milk, cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt, but the lactose in dairy products can cause some women a lot of digestive problems. Instead of just taking calcium supplements, women can eat plenty of kale.

Kale contains more calcium then a glass of milk, and as women get older, they can suffer from a lack of calcium. Without a high amount of calcium, women can suffer from osteoporosis, which can lead to thinks like weak bones and fractures.

Kale has a lot of vitamin C:

Vitamin C is necessary to protect the body from colds and other sicknesses.

Women may eat plenty of citrus fruits, but kale has more vitamin C than orange juice, and can help make an immune system strong especially during the cold and flu season.

Kale has a lot of fiber:

Eating leafy green vegetables is going to help a woman when it comes to digestion.

Some foods can make a woman sick with gas, bloating, or even an upset stomach, but leafy green vegetables like kale is going to stop digestive problems because of the fiber content. Women will be able to eat without feeling sick or having to take antacid.

Kale can flush out the body:

Some women detox their bodies by drinking a lot of water, but kale can also help flush out a lot of toxins and impurities. If there are too many pollutants in the body, it is going to affect the liver, and can lead to conditions like liver cancer.

Also, a body that has been purified is going to make a woman feel better because she has a lot more energy and can go through the day without needing a nap.

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