6 Tips to Avoid Hair Loss Happening

6 Tips to Avoid Hair Loss Happening

The body naturally sheds hair over time. You’ll find that every day a few hairs drop out, but they usually grow back. However, as you get older, it is harder for the hair to grow back and it can lead to thinning and even female baldness. Here are some tips to help avoid hair loss from happening.

woman-pulling-hairDon’t Stress About It

The worst thing you can do is stress about it. Stress leads to the hair falling out quicker. If you’re really worried, you could change your hair style or invest in extensions and weaves to make your hair look thicker than it is.

Accept that it is a normal part of life and then take the next steps to avoid it from getting worse.

woman-hair-loss-brushDon’t Brush Your Hair So Much

Brushing is damaging your hair, so try to avoid doing it as much as possible. When your hair is wet, don’t run a brush through your hair. Use a comb to try and loosen it and invest in detangling spray.

If your hair is really bad, you could look into leave-in conditioners to try and help with the tangled mess.

woman-playing-with-hairStop Playing with Your Hair

Twiddling with your hair is annoying for others and causes your hair to look oilier than it really is. It will also pull your hair out.

The next time you find yourself twirling it or even eating it, stop! Think about all the damage that it is doing.

woman-hair-washDon’t Wash it as Much

Shampooing damages the hair and causes more to fall out. Try to limit the amount that you wash it to once every couple of days at a maximum. The only time you want to do it more is if chemicals get into the hair, like chlorine from swimming.

If it needs sprucing up between washes, you could opt for dry shampoo for the night out.

fish-salad-healthy-food-dietEat the Right Foods

Healthy foods are excellent for shiny and healthy hair. The foods don’t just help your hair look great, but they stop the hair from falling out as much too. Eggs and dark green vegetables are your best options for all the protein, vitamins and minerals in them.

You will also want to consider oily fish and fruits as a stable part of your diet. These foods are also good for energy and will help with weight loss, as well as fight off other health conditions.

essential-oil-orchidUse Warm Oils in Your Hair

If your hair is dry, you will want to help increase the oils. Dry hair becomes damaged and is more likely to fall out. Warm oils are great for adding the moisture back in, and can be massaged straight into dry hair.

Try leaving them in overnight so they can really get to work. These are also good for oily hair, but you won’t need as many of them. Try to massage them in so you improve the blood flow to your scalp, also helping to prevent hair loss.

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