Trendy Short Hairstyles for the Summer

Trendy Short Hairstyles for the Summer

Short hair is becoming popular. For those with fine hair, it is a great way to make it look like you have more volume. It may seem like you can’t do much with it but take a look at the celebrities and see how much they do! Here are seven trendy short hairstyles to try out this summer.

short-layered-blonde-hairShort, Layered and Messy

Opt for Ashley Benson’s new look. Get rid of the long locks and chop it shoulder length with some layers.

This is a great length to create the messy but stylish look – the fashionable “just got out of bed” look. To really help you get this look, don’t straighten your hair and allow your natural waves to fall.

short-hair-bobThe Traditional Bob with a Twist

The bob was a popular look during the 80s and 90s but the option is to add a little twist. Instead of a straight bob cut, have a side parting with a side fringe.

This is easily styled around your cheekbones and you could opt for slightly longer locks if you need to put it up for any reason.

bob-hair-brunetteThe Inverted Bob

This hairstyle is still popular, with the likes of Alisha Dixon opting for it. The back is shorter than the front, unlike the traditional bob which is shorter at the front.

This doesn’t suit everyone but looks great for those with fairly thick hair. Straighten your hair on a daily basis to really benefit from this summer short hairstyle.

straight-bob-brunetteThe Straight Layered Bob

Another way of wearing a bob is with a layer, as if your locks were longer. This is great for those with finer hair who need to create a thicker look and those who want to keep their hair straight and short.

These bobs can be worn relatively short or kept at shoulder length if you’re worried about taking too much length off.

short-hair-asymmetricThe Razor Cut

This is a traditionally stylish look that many older women opt for but it is becoming a popular younger look. Those with thicker hair will really benefit from the razor cut.

You can add different types of fringes to this style, including a full front fringe, a side one or no fringe at all depending on your personal tastes.

pixie-hair-shortThe Pixie Cut

After the success of Twilight, the pixie cut became a popular option, with Emma Watson as one of those chopping her locks. It does offer a grown up style for younger women and makes it easy to handle with.

The benefit of the pixie cut is that there is so much that you can do with it, including spiking it at the back or just letting it sit flat.

razor-cut-hairAsymmetric Short Hairstyles

Follow the hairstyle of Frankie from The Saturdays with the asymmetric look. Choose the side that you want longer and opt for most of the hair to sit on that side.

You can do all sorts with the shorter side, including spiking it towards the back or just adding a few hair clips.

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