Tips to Look Great When Hosting a Party

Tips to Look Great When Hosting a Party

Hosting a party is more than just getting the right food and entertainment. You need to make sure you look the part. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about this. Here are some tips to dress to impress when you’re hosting your party or event.

Invest in an Apron

If you’re doing the cooking, or will be serving food throughout the night, you need to protect your clothes from splashes. An apron is a must have. There is no need to spend a fortune on one of these, and there are plenty of great designs and styles available. Look out for one that is made of wipe clean material to avoid stains on that during the night.

Find Something With Short Sleeves

Short sleeves are great when hosting a party. You can get on with cooking the food and serving it, while you are dressed for your guests. If your outfit doesn’t have short sleeves, you need to find an outfit where you can roll the sleeves up. Look out for those that have the buckles or fasteners to keep sleeves out of the way, or use elastic or hair bands to stop the sleeves from slipping down.

Keep Flat Shoes for the Serving

While you want to look great in heels, when you’re serving food and running around with bottles of wine, you need to think about practicalities. Heels look great but can you walk in them? Invest in a pair of flat shoes, so you can quickly move around and tend to everything that you need to. Keep the heels for a night when a friend is hosting instead.


Protect Your Makeup

It’s not just about your clothes; you need to think about your makeup. When you’re in the kitchen and you’re working with heat, your makeup is going to start running. You don’t want to look like a panda the next time your guests see you. Invest in some makeup spray that helps it set and protects it from the heat. Don’t use hairspray on your eyes! You run the risk of damaging them.

Keep Your Hair Tied Back

You don’t want guests complaining about a hair in their soup. If you have long hair, have it tied back for the event. This helps to prevent any accidental shedding throughout the process of cooking and serving. There are plenty of great ways to style your hair, so it is up and out of the way. If you’re just doing the cooking and the food will be on a buffet table, you could consider using a hairnet to catch loose hair and wear your hair down for the rest of the night.

Choose Your Lipstick Wisely

Lipstick wears away when you’re drinking, no matter what type of drink it is. Invest in a good quality lipstick that won’t wear away too much. Bold colours are an excellent choice, especially if they match the colour of your outfit.

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