Make the Decision to Get Ready for Your Funeral

Make the Decision to Get Ready for Your Funeral

It may sound like a depressing topic but it is an important one. The cost of funerals is on the rise and your family may not have the money when you die. Not everyone has life insurance policies—and those policies may not even have enough to cover the costs! Here are some tips to get ready for your funeral.

last-willMake Sure Your Will Is Up to Date

You want to make sure that your money, house and everything else you have goes to the right person, or people. Make sure your will is up to date. A divorce doesn’t void an existing will but remarriage does.

Check that the people you want to receive your possessions and estate do by updating your will instead of having them contest it.

funeralSave Up for Funeral Costs

It may be worth putting some money aside each month for the cost of your funeral—or even the cost of your partner’s or parents’ funerals.

Have an account specifically marked for this so it is not touched for anything else. At least you know some relief is there should the unthinkable happen.

Life-insuranceCheck Your Life Insurance Policy

If you don’t already have one, take out a life insurance policy today. It doesn’t have to cost a lot but the money your family get upon the event of your death will really help them; whether it is to pay off the mortgage or afford your funeral.

If you have an existing one, check to make sure the amount of money your family receives from it is really enough and check the terms and conditions!

funeral-tombstone-cemeterySet Out What You Want

This will be a difficult time for your family so make it easier for them by setting out your wishes for this day. You could decide on the songs played, the church it is held at and even where you will be buried.

Your family will appreciate the fact that you have taken the time and they will also know that this is something you wanted.

heart-handsConsider Donating Your Body

One way of helping your family with the cost is by donating your body after you die. You can donate your organs but this may not always be possible—depending on how you die.

You may find that donating your body to science is the better option. Make sure your family know that this is your choice and something that you want them to follow. It is something to put in your will to make sure it is followed!

woman-family-guestsTalk to Your Family Members

Talk to family and find out about their concerns. This could be about the cost but also what you want from the day. You may want to talk to them about what is being left, especially if you are wealthy and they expect a lot.

Do this gently as it can be a difficult subject for them to discuss with you. Many family members don’t want to consider this future.

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