6 Tattoos You Really Should Think Twice About

You want a new tattoo, or even your first tattoo. There are so many different styles to choose between, and many different ideas kicking about. It can be really hard to choose the best tattoo for you. However, while you’re searching there are certain ones that you need to think twice about before getting. Here are six tattoos worth avoiding.

Anything to Do With Boyfriends

Boyfriends/girlfriends come and go. While he or she is the love of your life right now, will that still be the case in three or four years time? Will it be the case in 10 years time?

Plenty of couples break up years down the line, and you need to decide whether you want a permanent reminder that you will eventually need to get laser removed. Just avoid anything to do with the “love of your life.”

Anywhere Not Coverable

While your tattoo shouldn’t tell people who you are, people make assumptions. You can find it very hard to get a job in certain lines of work if you have tattoos on your head, hands, neck or anywhere else that is difficult to cover up.

You may want that tattoo around the wrist, but think of the possible implications afterwards. Do you really want to mess up your chances of employment and opportunities later?

The Tattoo for the Sake of It

This is a permanent item being placed on your body. Do you really want to walk around with the cute little devil on your back?

It’s not going to look or seem cute forever. Avoid tattoos just for the sake of getting one. Give it time to think about what you really want, and find something that really means something to you.

Opting for Something in Current Pop Culture

Fashion and pop culture go around in cycles. Something that is hip right now will not be in a few years time. Do you really want that embarrassing reminder of the past?

Think about something that has longevity and only get something that you know you will love for the rest of your life. You don’t want to enjoy something for a year and spend the next 60 regretting it.

Foreign Symbols and Writing

Those Chinese symbols that mean “make love not war” really show your views, but do the symbols really say that?

Foreign symbols and writing, especially when it comes to ones like Chinese, can be done wrong. Just one missed cross or one extra line and your “make love not war” because “make salad not cheesecake.”

Letting the Tattoo Artist Have Creative Control

Really think about the tattoo before you get it. Like doing something for the sake of it, avoid letting your tattoo artist have creative control. What seems great to her is not great to you.

You both have different styles, personalities, likes and dislikes. She may love cats, but you’re terrified of them. Now you have to go the rest of your life with your greatest fear tattooed on your leg.

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