6 Tips to Remove Hickeys Fast

Hickeys are annoying and often embarrassing. While makeup is a great way to cover them up, you want to remove them completely so you don’t have to worry about them. Here are some top tips to remove that hickey fast.

Use Ice on the Area

You need to do this as soon as the hickey appears. The mark forms due to the blood vessels raising to the skin and the skin gets inflamed. The ice helps to reduce the inflammation, and therefore reduces the redness on the skin. The blood vessels are also frozen, which reduces the blood flow to the area and stops the redness appearing.

Try a Frozen Spoon

If ice isn’t available, consider a frozen spoon. Find one that covers the whole area and just let it freeze for a few minutes, then apply it straight to the hickey. It works in the same way as ice. If you have a spoon that doesn’t cover the whole area, parts of the hickey will be removed while other parts remain.

Massage the Area

The next trick is to make the blood around the area move to other places. You can stimulate the blood flow through massage, but you need to do that on the specific area. How quickly and well this disappears will depend on the severity of it. Sometimes the outline can remain, but this will disappear sooner and can be easily covered up.

Press Something Into the Area

This is not something for those with a low pain threshold. Take a circular object, like a lipstick lid, and push it into the middle of the hickey. Twist that on the spot and push the blood vessels back down. You don’t need too much pressure, but it is the twisting process that makes it hurt.

Use a Tea Bag on the Area

Place a moist tea bag on the area. Try to keep it warm at the same time, to apply a little heat and get the blood to disperse. Watch out for the tea dripping down your neck and onto your clothes. It is best to use an old towel or t-shirt to protect something nice from damage. You will need to apply this for as long as it takes for the hickey to go down.

Toothpaste or Tuna

Take your pick: both work quite well. Start with toothpaste since it doesn’t smell so bad and apply a little over the area. Make sure it contains some type of mint as that is what helps to get the blood flowing. Use a warm towel to remove it after a few minutes. If it hasn’t worked the first time, you will need to give it a couple of days to avoid damage on the skin from the mint.

If you decide tuna is best, use some oil with it and place it directly onto the mark. Leave that for about 10 minutes and then remove, again with a warm towel. You should see the hickey disappear straight away.

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