How To Make Your Own Salt Scrub For Your Body

As a woman, you do everything you can to take care of your body. You use products to clean your skin, but you really do not give much thought to getting rid of the dead skin cells. You were told that a salt scrub would be best for your body, but when you went to the store looking for some, you found that they were a bit too expensive for you.

However, there are ways that you can create your own salt scrub that are fast, easy, and just as effective as the pricey scrubs you found in the store. Here are the steps to making your own salt scrub right in your own kitchen.

The first thing you are going to need is a jar. An airtight jar with a lid is going to keep your scrub from dehydrating or turning hard. The jar should not be too big, but big enough to fit in your hand should be just fine. A jelly jar will do just fine because it means you will need less ingredients to fill it. Some women who do not have any jars have even used a Ziplock bag, but the important part is that it be air tight.

Once you have your container chosen, you are going to need to pick the salt to use. Some women have used table salt, while others prefer sea salt because it is thicker and chunkier. The salt does not matter, but if you do use sea salt, you might want to shake the container up a little to help break up some of the bigger chunks of salt.

You need to take your salt, and put enough of it in the jar to fill it about half way. The measurement does not have to be accurate, but you also want to think about how much you will use whenever you take a shower or bath. You do want to be able to use your scrub at least a few times before you have to make more.

After the salt is in the jar, you are going to need to select the kind of oil you are going to use. Some women prefer to use just regular vegetable oil, but remember this oil will be put on your skin. One of the best oils to use to soften the skin is olive oil. You will need at least one to one and a half cups of the oil.

Pour the oil in the jar, and fill it at least three fourths of the way. Now it is time for you to add fragrance to your homemade salt scrub mixture. You want to choose an oil that is going to have a nice fragrance like rose oil or almond oil. You will only need about a teaspoon full or two. Once you have added your fragrance, cap the jar and shake it up.

Keep in mind, the mixture will separate, so you will need to shake it up again when it is bath time. As long as the lid is sealed, you will be able to use your homemade salt scrub for a month or two at least if you use it by the handful.

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