Reasons Not to Consult a Plastic Surgeon

A woman may notice that she is getting wrinkles on her face. She may have tried cream or Botox, but she wants to do something to make her face look younger. After much thought on the subject, a woman may decide that she needs to go see a plastic surgeon. However, there are many reasons why a woman should reconsider going to a plastic surgeon.

The risk of death:

Plastic surgery is like any other surgery in terms of the risks. Any time the human body is cut open, there is always a chance that it may have an adverse reaction.

If a woman is not in good health, then her risk of something happening during the surgery will go up.


Unrealistic expectations:

Some women look at their high school yearbook, and want to look like they were 18 again. However, the fact is that a plastic surgeon cannot perform miracles.

There is only so much that medical science can do, and not even the best plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills can perform magic. A woman who is expecting to take off 20 to 30 years off of her appearance is expecting way more than a surgeon can do.

The cost:

Plastic surgery can cost many thousands of dollars. Many women go into a lot of debt all in the name of a more youthful appearance.

However, a woman needs to talk to her plastic surgeon about what to expect in terms of her appearance once everything heals.

If a woman is not going to get the results she wants, then the cost of the surgery is not worth going into debt.


The pain:

After the surgery is over, a woman is going to experience some pain. The skin has been cut open, tucked and pulled, and the nerves have to recover from all of that trauma.

In addition to the pain, the face will also be swollen, and there may be even be bruising to the face while healing occurs.

The time:

Any time there is surgery done to the body, there is always going to be a healing time.

The healing time for the plastic surgery is going to depend on how much was done. For things like a facelift, it may take weeks or even months for everything to heal.

A woman has to make sure she has the time available because she may not want to go out in public with a face that is still healing.


Complications may arise:

There have been occasions when unexpected complications have arisen from a simple plastic surgery procedure.

If an infection sets in, then a woman’s life may be in jeopardy, or the infection may cause the healing to be slow and painful.

In some rare cases, a woman’s life has ended because of complications from having plastic surgery.

The wrong reasons:

A woman has to want to have plastic surgery for the right reasons, which would be for herself. If a woman wants to have surgery to please someone else, then she is risking her life and appearance for a very wrong reason.

No matter what anyone says or wants, a woman has the right to do what she wants with her own body.

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