Tips to Create Your Own Exfoliates

Exfoliating is extremely beneficial for the skin. It removes the dirt and grime from the pores and opens them up to shine. It also removes the dead skin cells so the newer ones shine through. While you can buy exfoliates over the counter, there are natural methods that help to nourish the skin while clearing the pores.

Lemon Juice and Sugar

One of the most common options is to cut a lemon in half and dip it into some sugar.

The sugar will stick to the lemon and act as a scrub for your skin. The lemon juice is also beneficial for the skin since it is full of vitamin C.

However, this may not be the best for the face or sensitive skin due to the citric acid.



Oatmeal is a coarse material, which is perfect for exfoliation. Another benefit is the healing properties in the ingredient.

Is it possible to add the oatmeal to a sponge or make a cream to use on your skin.

Many products over the counter now contain oatmeal because of all the benefits women gain.

Coffee Grounds

Mixed with some honey or apple juice, coffee grounds are perfect for the whole body and even those with sensitive skin. They are also affordable from the supermarket.

They will start to break up as you use them, which makes it easy for them to wash away afterwards, unlike some of the other methods for exfoliation.


Sea Salt

Salt is an excellent option and can be used instead of the sugar with the lemon.

Sea salt and water are perfect for the skin as part of the morning beauty routine as it is natural, not acidic and will scrub enough to open the pores up.

It will also help to keep the sodium levels balanced.

Ground Almonds

Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E to nourish the skin and are perfect for all types of skin.

It is possible to buy ground almonds in the supermarket or you can ground them yourself to get the consistency you prefer.

The oil from almonds is excellent for different skin types of balance with the natural oils and moisturise the skin.


Tomatoes with Salt or Sugar

Tomatoes offer another way to exfoliate the skin. Like lemons, they have some acids but not as much so may be better for sensitive skin.

Half a tomato, sprinkled with sugar or salt, is an inexpensive natural scrubber for the shower or bath. The moisture will also help to reduce scars and stretch marks.

Pumice Stones

For the harder areas of the skin, pumice stones are a great way to get to the softer layers.

They are especially beneficial for the balls and heels of the feet, which often become too hard for moisturising creams to get through. These are easily affordable from most beauty stores and do not require any medications.

You can create your own but they are not always effective; depending on the severity of your dried and hard skin.

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