5 Celebrities with Impeccable Hair at All Times

They collaborate with hair experts on every change they make, as well as on their daily appearance, regularly trimming, colouring, cutting and adjusting their hair to maintain their relevance and appeal. There is always a strategy behind a perfect result. A stylist must carefully assess the client’s lifestyle.

When your schedule is full of special occasions, your hair can’t fall short of expectations. You might be highly talented, educated or with a certain precious role and contribution in society, yet your hair will forever be your plus one attention-grabber!

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge has been unanimously praised for her impeccably shiny and healthy-looking locks that she recently trimmed to reflect her role as a royal mom of two. Her loose waves that graciously curl up towards the ends, are a chic and ultra-feminine statement. The result is wearable and compatible with an array of special occasion looks.

Sometimes, she elevates it into half-ups and updos – mostly low chignons – that display her degree of sophistication and hairstylist Amanda Cook’s talent. Yet, for her new bangs she returned to old trusted hairdresser Richard Ward, as revealed by Hello magazine. She has also been criticised by celebrity hairstylist Nicky Clarke for her occasionally greying roots. But despite criticism, who isn’t in love with her fab curls, and twisted or braided chignons?

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