On literally every fashion metropolis this season, you could see the so-called Parisian hair. It’s partly messy and partly sleek, with an air of confidence and nonchalance. Shades are natural, mostly brownish yet slightly bleached from the sun! It’s either mid- or deep side-parted and it bents wherever nature dictates,Read More →

She is a top-tier young fashion writer who graces the front row at the most prestigious fashion shows and inspires an array of fashionistas to dress alike. Her hair is super silky, smooth, and shiny, the Asian type of hair that exudes strength, youthfulness and endurance. Her signature look includesRead More →

There is too much competition in the street style scene and that applies to hairstyles too. As you might have noticed, not all fashion bloggers pay that much attention to their hair, focusing mostly on what to wear and which makeup to use. Their beauty sections are mostly crowded withRead More →

YouTube tutorials focusing on beauty have taken us by storm, with star vloggers making thousands and millions of followers along the way. With a bit of critical mind, such ‘how to’ videos can be precious, offering you detailed and visually appealing guidelines on things you can DIY or do theRead More →

The highly influential American blogger from ManRepeller.com is a natural brunette with an equally naturally looking mane that occasionally gets an ombré effect developing towards the tips. Her mission with hair, and every single element in her lifestyle, is to make women self-assured and comfortable in their own skin –Read More →

Soft and loose curls are her signature look and bronde — instead of the initial blonde her blog was named after (TheBlondeSalad.com) — is her current colour choice. It has a more natural feel and ideally complements her skin tone. Every now and then, with the help of prominent hairRead More →