What You Need To Know About Chemical Hair Straightening

Chemical hair straightening is a procedure done to permanently straighten out curls, waves or any kinks on your hair. This is the procedure of choice for women who are not gifted with naturally straight hair but want to achieve this look. Generally, this procedure is deemed safe. But newer technologies and methods had been introduced over the years with some being a center of controversy about their safety.

Make sure you find out as much as you can about chemical hair straightening before you undergo this procedure. It is also important to get as much information about chemical hair straightening to know what options are available to you.

What is Chemical Hair Straightening?

Chemical hair straighteningChemical straightening is the term used to refer to a wide range of chemical treatments done on hair to straighten it. The chemical mixture is designed to break down the bonds that enable the hair to hold its shape. After introducing the chemical into the hair, heat is introduced in order to oxidize the said chemicals. This will ensure that hair is straightened and remains that way for a long time instead of reverting back to its natural shape, which is curly or wavy.

According to expert hairdressers, chemical hair straightening should be safe enough for a wide range of hair types. But if your hair is damaged, it is best to refrain from undergoing this treatment procedure.


When you are not sure about what type of chemical hair straightening to get, here are some of the basic types:

Thermal Reconditioning: This type of straightening procedure is best for women with curls that are looser and not too kinky. However, this is also the most expensive. A treatment session can cost up to $1,500.

Relaxing: This is the ideal chemical straightening treatment for those with kinky curls. It is also the most inexpensive with treatments going up to $250 maximum.

Keratin Treatment: This is the least popular type of chemical hair straightening procedure because of the temporary result. You can maintain your straight hair for 2-4 months. Several factors can determine how long the straight hair effect lasts. The prices can range from $300-$600.

Important Reminders

If you are going to get your hair chemically straightened, there are a few things you need to take note of (to ensure that you get quality results minus hair damage):

  • Get it done by a professional. This is the most important rule to live by. Dealing with chemicals on your hair is tricky and extremely dangerous. Any miscalculation on the chemical mixture can have you end up with not only bad hair, but one that is damaged beyond repair. A professional is someone who is an expert at mixing hair chemicals and they also know the proper ways to apply it to your hair. In fact, some hairdressers also hold consultations prior to the treatment to determine if you are a good candidate for chemical straightening.
  • Regular deep conditioning is an essential part of post-hair care for chemically straightened hair. The chemicals drain away any natural moisture on your hair from oils so you need to balance it out by introducing other sources of moisture. When using deep conditioner, choose ones that are rich in argan oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil as they provide maximum nourishment to your hair. Aside from providing shine and luster, they also replenish strength.
  • Proper maintenance is vital in maintaining health for hair that is chemically treated. Avoid re-application of chemical formula. You might want to ask your hairdresser for recommendation on hair products to use as part of your maintenance procedure.

Have you undergone chemical hair straightening?

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