6 Makeup Brushes You Need to Have

Makeup is a popular part of the day for many women. You could enjoy working with different styles, or just love looking your best with your normal everyday look. Whatever you enjoy, you need to make sure you have the right equipment for the job. You wouldn’t fix a fence without the proper tools, and the same applies to fixing your makeup. Brushes are an essential part of your makeup routine, and here are six that you need to have.

The Foundation Brush

This is a relatively small brush compared to the ones that most people use. The brush gets into the area below the eyes, while blending your foundation into the rest of the face.

You can get away with spending a small amount of money on one of these brushes, but you will need to do your research into the quality.



Brushes for the Concealer

Now, you can apply concealer with your fingers. This is something that many women do, but wouldn’t you love to avoid getting the stuff all over your fingers and under your nails?

The concealer brush makes that so much easier. It’s worth investing in this brush, because the quality of the bristles really will make a difference, especially under the eyes. You want it to be small enough to work in the smaller parts of your face.

A Powder Brush

If you use powder at all, you want to use a brush. It makes it much quicker and easier to use.

These are the bigger brushes to help with just dabbing the powder onto your face. Bear in mind, this isn’t a must-have if you don’t use powder within your makeup routine. You don’t want to use this brush for anything else because it will be too big.



Eye Shadow Brush

Now it comes to applying the eye shadow. This is usually best applied first, consider the chances of the eye shadow falling onto the cheeks. It really depends on the type of eye shadow that you use.

Powdered eye shadow is the worst! Make sure this brush is small and soft. The good news is a cheap option is perfectly fine to use.

The Blusher Brush

How difficult was that to just say? The blusher brush is a must have for those opting for rosier cheeks.

The brush will help to avoid putting too much on, so you don’t look like a clown! Keep the brush simple at first. Once you start using makeup more and work on contouring your blusher, you can look at the more expensive options on the market.



The Eyeliner Brushes

This is more of a rubber tip than brush, but is still worth buying. This is great for creating the smoky eye look, without getting the eyeliner all over your fingers and nails!

Many eyeliners now come with the brush at the end of them, but this will depend on the make and the amount you are willing to spend.

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