Choose the Best Makeup Style for Your Eye Shape

It’s not just eye colour and complexion that will affect your eye makeup. The shape of your eye has a direct effect too. If you have narrow eyes, you’ll want to avoid them looking too narrow and vice versa with wide eyes. Here are a few tips for choosing the best eye makeup for your eye shape.

Almond Shaped Eyes

If you have these beautifully shaped eyes, you’re in luck. They’re the easiest shape to choose eye makeup for—you can get away with almost anything. This is when you really want to focus on your eye colour to make it stand out. You can use eyeliner to make them look darker and narrower or opt for lighter colours for wider eyes.

Oval Shaped Eyes

This is another great shape with so many options. One of the greatest is to make your eyes look wider. You look more inviting and friendly. Lighter colours is the best way to do this, especially lighter eyeliners for your bottom eye lid.

Wide-set Eyes

You want to avoid your eyes looking too narrow, which means focusing on lighter colours in the centre of your eyes. Stay away from putting eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes and add more to the outer edges. Try a neutral eye shadow so more focus is on your eye colour instead.

Deep-set Eyes

If you use dark colours inside with this eye shape, your eyes will look too close to your nose and it throws the dimensions off. Instead, opt for light, glittery colours on the side to brighten them. On the rest of your eyelids, focus on neutral colours that compliment your skin tone. The only dark should be with your eyeliner, which can be applied quick thickly.

Thin Eyes

Make your eyes look wider by using brighter eye shadow. This should be placed on the top and bottom lines of your lids and avoid the dark eyeliners and mascaras. You should also think about the rest of your makeup. You want the area around your eyes to look brighter, which means using lighter concealer in this area.

Eyes with No Crease

This is very common for those with Asian descent. You can really get a beautiful look by opting for some eyeliner just on your top lids. You don’t need much in the way of makeup at all. With a bit of shimmering powder, you will be ready to go out and look your best.

Close-set Eyes

When your eyes are quite close together, you need to draw that attention away. It can really look awkward otherwise. Use lighter colours on the inner parts of your eyes and focus on darker colours on the edges. If you can, avoid putting any colour on the inside of your eyes, especially dark eyeliner. Unfortunately, this is one eye shape that can’t benefit from the smoky eye look. If you do use darker colours on the inside, make sure you balance it out with more on the outside edges.

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