Do You Make These Makeup Buying Mistakes?

Whether you plan a purchase or you buy just because it’s there, getting makeup should be a positive experience. The problem is that you can fall into a number of traps and end up wishing you’d done your research beforehand. Here are some of the more common makeup buying mistakes and how to avoid making them yourself!

Not Checking Colours in Natural Light

It’s perfectly normal for people to look at the colour in the mirror in the store and trusting that that is how it looks normally. You’ve got to check the colours in the natural light.

Take it to a nearby window and then hold the mirror up. You may find that it is too dark or too light in that light; and that is the light most people will see you in.


Forgetting About Seasonal Changes

As temperatures change, the skin is affected. It can dry out in the winter and glow during the summer. This affects the way that makeup will look during these changes.

Many people fail to think about how their skin can change and just by the same makeup over and over again. Check the colour and the type of makeup to make sure it suits you.

Not Giving Lipstick Time

Whether you love the matt lipsticks or a glossy option, you need to give it time when trying. Put the lipstick on and then browse around the store for a few minutes.

Act as you normally would and then go back to see how the lipstick looks. Does it hold the colour? Is it fading already? This will give you an idea of how it will look after a few hours.

Using Your Hands for Testing

Foundations, eye makeup and even lipsticks usually come with tester options. If there’s no mirror, you’re likely going to test it on your hand to see what the actual colour looks like.

This doesn’t give you a real idea! The skin on your hands is completely different to the skin on your face. Your face will have more oils and often a slightly different colour. This affects the way the makeup looks.

Not Giving Perfume a Chance

When you’re buying a new perfume, do you quickly spray and smell to decide? This doesn’t tell you what people will smell after a few hours. It will be strong at first and the scent doesn’t have chance to settle.

Take your time to decide on a scent. Even take a walk outside and smell it afterwards to see how good it smells.


Not Checking Ingredients

Not all makeup and perfume is made the same. You need to check all the ingredients to make sure it is suitable for your skin and you are not allergic to it.

If you aren’t sure about the ingredient, check the name of it on your phone (most have internet now) to find out what it really is. The last thing you want is to get home and suffer a severe allergic reaction.

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