Eyeliner Tips for Women with Blue Eyes

Do you have beautiful blue eyes that you want to make stand out? There are some tricks and tips that you can do with your eyeliner to get the look of your dreams. Some of these will depend on other factors but these are perfect to make those blue eyes shimmer and shine.

Use Dark Colours to Make Blue Stand Out

Blue will really stand out against blacks, browns and other dark colours. This is especially the case if you have beautiful sea blue eyes. You could even opt for something different and choose a dark blue eyeliner.

Whatever you do, pick the same colour for the top and bottom of your lids and make sure it matches your eye makeup. Black is often best for all colours of eye shadow.


Hold Back from Excessive Use

Watch out for using way too much eyeliner. It is really tempting to try and make your eyes stand out more but the overuse will be overpowering on your eye colour.

Just a light colouring on your bottom lids is usually enough to make the blue eyes glisten. Try to avoid placing black on both the top and bottom lids.

Match Your Eye Shadow

It may be tempting to use dark blue eyeliner but if it doesn’t match your eye shadow then think again. You want your eyeliner to compliment and not stand out too much; after all, it is your eyes that you want to stand out.

If you’re using dark blue eye shadow, dark blue eyeliner is perfect. However, brown, grey or black is often your best option.


Get the Smoky Eye Look

Consider the smoky eye look. This is perfect for those with blue eyes and is relatively easy to do. Don’t try this the first time you go out though; you’ll need to practise to make sure you get it right for the night.

The benefit of this look is that your eyes become the focus, not the eyeliner.

Avoid the Inner Lids

Eyeliner on the inner lids looks good on those with wide eyes. However, if your eyes are narrow, it will make your eyes look smaller and out of proportion with the rest of your face.

Really think about whether placing it in the inner lids really does work for you.


Just Use the Eyeliner

There’s no need to use other eye makeup for your blue eyes. Eyeliner on its own will really make your blue eyes stand out.

You will still need to make sure you use darker colours, make sure it matches your outfit and follow the other directions above.

Take It Off!

Don’t leave your eyeliner on at the end of the night. It’s not good for your face or your eyes! It will crumble and crust inside the eyes and along the face.

It doesn’t take too long to take your makeup off at the end of the night and will leave you with beautiful skin the next morning.

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