How to Choose the Perfect Eye Shadow

When looking into makeup options, eye shadow is always one thing to buy. There are so many different colours to choose between and different ingredients to opt for, how do you know which is the best? This takes some time and often trial and error to find the best one for your complexion and desired outcome.

What Look Are You Aiming For?

Is there a specific look that you want to gain from your eye shadow? Maybe you are after the deep and sultry look or the smoky eye look.

This will determine your colour options and the way it is applied. Consider carefully before you go out to buy anything. Avoid buying something to try a new style last minute.



What Is Your Eye Colour?

Not all colours are going to match your eye colour so think about that before you buy. Meanwhile, other colours will work really well.

For example, you can bring out the green in your eyes by complimenting it with green eye shadow, but with brown it can be a clash of colour.

Make Your Eyes Stand Out More

Your eyes are a prominent part of your face. In fact, many men love to see the eyes and it helps them trust you.

Opt for an eye shadow colour that will help to make your eyes stand out – for all the right reasons!

Darker colours are great for this but you could also opt for neutral browns and beiges to match your skin complexion, while letting your eyeliner do all the hard work.



Matching the Colour of Your Outfit

If you are getting ready for an event, you will want to match the colour of your outfit or accessories.

For example, if you are wearing a deep purple dress, a lighter purple will go really well with the outfit to compliment it. You may want to top for dark blues if you are wearing a light blue outfit.

This is when the neutral colours work really well, since they work with the majority of outfit colours.

Working with Your Complexion

If you have pale skin, you will need to find a colour that works with that. Dark colours are too dark but lighter colours make you look paler than you really are.

Work with your complexion and find a colour that will emphasis your looks instead of making you look bad.

You will be able to trial most eye shadow colours in the store before buying but check in the natural light to make sure it works for your need.



Glitter, Gloss and Matt

There are many different styles of eye shadows. Some are a matt, block colour, while others will have glitter or a lighter shade over the top. You can also buy glossy colours to help make your eyes stand out.

Determine the type that works with your skin the best and will work with the event.

Block colours are great for the office or a meeting while a glittery colour is perfect for an evening event or night out with friends.

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