How to Give Yourself a Professional Manicure at Home

When a woman is busy, the last thing she thinks about is going to have her nails done. Some women just don’t have the time or money to have a professional work on their nails. For anyone who has ever wished they could do their nails at home and have them look as if they spent time at a nail salon, here are some guidelines to get your started.

Get Your Work Space Ready

Many women think that a great manicure at home consists of nail polish remover, nail polish and a nail file. Save this quickie manicure for when you need to do your nails in a short amount of time.

For your professional looking manicure at home, you’re going to want to invest in a few tools.

You’ll want to have gentle hand soap, a nail file, cuticle tool, buffing tool, nail polish remover, cotton balls or pads, nail trimmers, nail cleaning tool, cuticle cream, a moisturizer, nail polish, base coat and a top coat. Set your tools out on a flat surface area.


Take Off the Old Polish

Wet your cotton balls or pads with your nail polish remover and take off any old nail polish. Be sure to get around the edges of your nails.

When you buy your nail polish remover, you can usually choose between acetone and non-acetone removers.

Acetone is usually inexpensive and gets the job done quickly. The downside is that it can dry out nails and the surrounding skin.

Non-acetone remover is less harsh but may take more effort in removing the old polish. Many have added moisturizers in them to keep nails soft and healthy.

It’s often a personal choice when a woman selects the nail polish remover that’s right for her.

Give Your Nails New Shape

Did you know that your nails have a natural grain to them? Try to file in one direction only when you’re shaping your nails.

This can help prevent chipping and peeling. You want to shape your nails into a rounded tip with a slightly flat top.

Clean them Up

If you paint dirty nails, you can tell. Clean out underneath your nails and then wash away any additional dirt and polish remover residue.

Take your time washing your hands. Softer cuticles are easier to handle.

Put On Cuticle Cream

Apply cuticle cream to your cuticles. The cream helps to keep the tissue healthy and also keeps bacteria out.

If you don’t have cuticle cream, you can substitute olive oil on your cuticles.

Put those Cuticles where they Belong

Use the cuticle stick to push your cuticles down to the base of the nail. Never cut your cuticles!

This can lead to infection or cuts. Once you’re done, moisturize your hands and wipe away any remaining oil residue.

Be a Nail-Buffer

Nail buffing shines up your nails almost as much as putting on a clear coat of polish.

It can also hide any nail flaws like discoloration or ridges.

Put on a Base Coat

Put the thinnest layer of a base coat on your nails.

Don’t put on a heavy layer and make sure it’s completely dry before moving onto the next step.

Apply Polish

Now you can have some fun seeing the finished product of your at-home manicure by putting on your nail polish (up to 3 layers).

You should be able to see the true color of your shade at this point. Allow each layer to dry before applying more.


Put on your Top Coat

Your top coat should be transparent and will help keep your nail polish from chipping. You can also apply an additional layer of top coat if necessary.

If you find the process of doing your own nails at home tedious, turn on music or watch television while you do them.

When you do your own manicure at home, you can relax and enjoy saving money while staying comfortable.

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