Make Your Manicure Last for Weeks

You’ve just walked out of the nail salon after getting a manicure. Your nails look pristine and perfect but they won’t stay that way; not if you don’t look after them. Here are some simple tips to make your manicure last for weeks instead of a few hours.

Take Your Own Polish

The nail salons need their polish to last over a long period of time for profit. To do this, they add thinners. While it stops the polish crystallising, it causes problems when added to your nails.

Instead, take your own nail polish with you and ask them to use that. They shouldn’t have a problem with it and you could end up saving some money.


Remove Moisture from the Nails

Moisture and oils stop the polish from sticking to the nail, leading it to chip quickly. Remove all the moisture possible before applying.

You can do this with lint-free pads. Most nail salons will understand the importance of this step to make the manicure last for over a week.

Encourage the Polish to Stick

There are two ways of doing this. The one most commonly used is by filing across the bed of the nails. This makes the nail rough so the polish can stick to it better.

The problem is that it causes a lot of damage to your nails. Instead, opt for a sticky base coat. You could take your own with you to make sure the technician will apply it.


Seal Your Polish

Apply the nail polish across the edge that has been filed or clipped. This helps to seal the polish in.

You should do this with all the coats you apply for maximum effect.

Smooth the Dents When they Happen

If you catch the nail polish when it’s still drying, it will create dents and bubbles. This damages the life of the manicure. Smooth them out as soon as they happen by applying a little cuticle oil on them.

If they happen in the nail salon, you may find that the technician uses some polish removed. This is a technical trick and should be left to those with the qualifications.


It Takes 12 Hours to Dry!

It may not seem like it but it can take up to 12 hours for nail polish to fully dry. During this time, you need to avoid as much heat as possible.

Try not to use the hair dryer, spend time out in the sun or even doing the washing up while you are waiting for this to happen.

The heat will stop the polish from sticking to the nails properly and shortens the life of your manicure.

Don’t Use Your Nails

Your nails were not designed for opening cans or scratching things. Using your nails will not only chip your polish but damage your nails, making perfect manicures harder in the future.

Use your fingers for everything instead and if your nails get in the way, consider shortening them to make them more manageable.

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