Choosing The Best Jewelry

As a professional woman, you want to look your best at work. You have spent a lot of time choosing just the right outfits that compliment your body type, but have you thought about the jewelry to go with those nice clothes? The same techniques you used for your wardrobe will also work for choosing the best jewelry.

Figure Out Your Skin Tone

You knew what your skin tone was when you went shopping for clothes, and now you will need to use your skin tone for your jewelry.

The best way to tell your skin tone is to look on the underside of your wrist. The skin under your wrist is not tan from the sun so it is the best indication of your skin tone.


The Color of Your Veins

If you are looking at the underside of your wrist, and the veins look like then your skin tone is cool.

If the veins on your wrist’s underside are green, then you are a warm skin tone.

The Color of Your Eyes

A woman with a cool skin tone typically has dark or olive skin with dark eyes.

A woman with warm skin tone has fair to medium skin and light eyes like blue or green.

The Metal For Your Jewelry

You need to decide the metal you want your jewelry to be made out of. Jewelry is typically made out of gold, silver, and platinum. Cool skin toned women look best in silver, platinum, and white gold.

If you are a warm skin toned woman, the metal you look best in is yellow gold, rose gold, and any metal that has a yellowish tint to it like brass and copper.

Stones to Match Your Skin

Women with cool skin tones will look best in white pearls, diamonds, and stones that are pink, purple, and red.

A warm skin toned woman will need to wear orange, brown, greens, and other stones that are more natural colors.


The Shape Of Your Face

The shape of your face can make quite a difference in the jewelry you wear. A woman with triangle shaped face needs to wearing earrings that dangle and necklaces that are choke collars to soften the angles of the face.

For women with a round face need to wear earrings that are tear shaped to make the face look a little longer and necklaces that are long. A woman with a long face has to wear stud earrings and chokers to make the face look shorter.

Care of Your Jewelry

When you buy any kind of jewelry, you need to make sure you clean it with jewelry cleaner. To protect your jewelry from getting tarnished try painting all of your pieces with clear nail polish.

You have the wardrobe and now you know how to buy the jewelry that is going to match it.

You always look great every day when you dress for work, and now you can look even lovelier with the right jewelry to compliment your clothes, your face, and your skin tone.

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