Make Your Costume Jewellery Look Great

The words “costume jewellery” often leave a bad taste in the mouth. They viewed as something cheap and tacky, and just for children to play with. However, costume jewellery is becoming more popular with adults. They offer some great designs, bright colours and innovative styles. The trick is to making them look great. Here are some tips to keep that budget jewellery looking like it costs thousands.

Make Sure It’s Clean

Over time, the jewellery will attract dirt and dust. Even if you don’t wear it regularly, you can find it looking old and worn. You need to make sure it is cleaned regularly. Just run it under some warm water and use mild soap to get into the plastic.

You could also invest in some silver or brass cleaner to help bring the shine back if its metal coated. Always clean once you’ve worn a piece to remove the body oils.

Switch Your Items Around

Don’t wear the same piece of jewellery all the time. Switch your items around so that each one gets a break. This will prevent items getting damaged now and then, and can stop dirt from getting into awkward places that you can’t clean. You can also change your look and appearance quickly and easily with different items from your collection.

Remove It Overnight

Whether you’re going to wear it the next day or not, take your jewellery off overnight. Your body releases oils throughout the day and night and the longer you keep jewellery on, the more it’s going to be affected by those oils.

It’s also worth trying to go a couple of days without wearing any jewellery to save it all from your natural oils.

Protect It from Damage

When storing your jewellery, make sure you protect it from damage. You could place it in a jewellery box, but you run the risk of it catching another piece and chipping.

Get fabric bags for each piece and keep each item separate that way. If you struggle to tell which item is which, you can label your bag. That way, you just put your hands straight onto the piece that you want to wear.

Use Some Jewellery Cleaner

If you have fine jewellery, you possibly already have jewellery cleaner. This is great for costume jewellery too. It will make your items look brand new. Don’t go out specifically for this though as it can be expensive.

You can get a similar look by cleaning it regularly. You want to clean it before you put it away, but you could use a soft cloth to remove most of the oils if you don’t have time for anything else.

Watch Out for Coatings

Coatings are designed to preserve the look of your jewellery. However, they can actually have the adverse effect. The chemicals can end up changing the colour of your items, so they become dull and lifeless.

The best thing to do is just clean your jewellery regularly, especially when you take it off at the end of the day.

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