How To Make Pastels Fashionable For Fall

Even though fall is fast approaching, that doesn’t mean you have to leave behind flirty and fun pastel colors from spring and summer. It is possible to wear pastel shades during fall, if you update your wardrobe with highly stylish colors. The latest fall pastel fashion colors include light and delicate shades of lavender, pink and baby blue. By choosing stylish clothing options in these hues, you can make pastel colors fashionable enough for fall wear. Here are some great tips to remember that will help you get the perfect look for fall.

Choose The Right Shade

When you are looking to incorporate pastel colors into your fall wardrobe, it is critical that you pick the right shade for each clothing item.

For example, pastel shades are the best way to make jackets and sweaters look less heavy and more ideal for fall wear.

If you choose stylish jackets in hues of mint green and light gay, you can mix these shades with traditional fall colors like forest green and wine. This will give you a contrasting look that is highly fashionable.



Whenever you’re not sure if your pastel fall look is quite right, just remember to accessorize. This will balance out your style and give you the perfect fall outfit.

Try mixing pastel clothing options with dark nail polish or edgy scarves. This will darken your look and make it more appropriate for fall wear.


Add Blocking

Color blocking is a way to tone down your look and also flatter your figure. Pastels bring as much attention to your outfit as neon shades, so if you are looking to tone down your fall look, you should color block your outfits.

You can achieve this type of fall look by pairing delicate pastel hues with darker colors of burgundy or chocolate brown.

This will slim your shape and give you a more traditional fall style that blends in. You can even use darker print skirts as the perfect way to color block pastel sheer tops.


Chic Outerwear

By choosing pastel coat options, you can add lighter shades to your wardrobe in a more desirable way. Candy pink, mint green and egg blue are the latest runway trend for fashionable fall coats. This will add a feminine touch to any wardrobe and can contrast with the rest of your outfit.

You can pair these whimsical coats with dark hues of gray, black and crimson for an inventive style. It is now possible to bring the runway to your wardrobe.


Don’t Wash Out

Pastel colors can be a wonderful addition to any fall wardrobe, but if you have a pale complexion, this look may not be for you. Pastel colors have a tendency to wash out your appearance, if you have a lighter complexion.

However, as long as you don’t choose pastel turtlenecks, you should be able to avoid the washed out look. It is best to choose plunging neckline pastel tops to avoid washing out your face.


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