6 Ideas for Weight Loss Goals

You know how important setting goals is for your weight loss, but are you struggling to think of some? You know what you want your end goal to be, but what about those in between? Sometimes, you just need a little bit of inspiration and a few ideas to get you started. Here are six ideas to help with your weight loss goals.

Lose a Pound Each Week

Set yourself a weight loss goal for each week. A healthy weight loss is considered to be between half a pound and two pound each week. Many people want to get that top one, but that doesn’t mean it is possible.

You want to stretch yourself, but keep it realistic at the same time, so why not set a goal to lose a pound each week? Sometimes you will exceed that, and you’ll feel even happier.

Drop a Dress Size

Focus on the shape of your body instead of the numbers you see at the scales. Dress sizes are a big thing for weight loss, but you see the physical evidence that you are getting smaller and smaller.

Make it a goal to get into a smaller dress size by a set date. Remember that it takes around 10 pounds to drop one dress size, so think about the time it will healthily take you to get there to set your date.

Take Your Waist Measurements

The dress size is one way of physically seeing a smaller waist, but you can also take measurements. It doesn’t have to be your waist either. You can look at your hips, chest and even leg or arm sizes.

These are often great if you put on weight one week, but you can see that your body shape is changing. Set your goal to drop an inch or two within a set period of time.

Improve Your Health

Weight loss isn’t just about looks. You want to be healthier and happier, so make one of your goals to improve your health.

If you currently have an illness, you could set a goal to lessen the symptoms that are often made worse by being overweight or obese. This is a goal you will need to talk to your doctor about. If you don’t have an illness, you can just make it a general goal of improving your health.

Focus on Your Fitness Levels

Losing weight will also help to improve your fitness levels. Focus on this for a goal idea. You could have a goal to run the next marathon coming up, or you may just want to cut a minute off your best 5K time within a set period of time.

These types of goals require more than just weight loss, but they also help you improve your life and health.

Your Self-Confidence

Why not have a goal to improve your self-confidence? As you lose weight, you will find that helps but it will also require thinking differently about yourself. This goal is extremely beneficial, since it helps you in all walks of life.

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