7 Worst Foods for Your Toddlers

As your toddler is growing, you start giving them different foods and they also start recognizing and asking for various things to eat, when they see others eating them. You might be wondering what are some of the foods you should or should not allow your toddler to eat. Here is a list of seven foods that you should delay introducing to small children or minimize the amounts of time you give them to your children.

French fries

While it might be tasty, there is nothing healthy or beneficial about French fries.

In fact, it is high in fats and salts and carbs all of which should be avoided by children as much as possible.

While it might be impossible to avoid it completely, try to replace them with basked sweet potatoes that are healthier and offer more nutrients.



Sodas are full of chemicals and sugars and do not offer any benefits to your children.

Delaying them is best as they could also be addictive and cause serious health effects in the long term.

If you want to reward your child with an alternative sugary drink, try natural juice or even juice from concentrate in moderate doses are much better.


Candy is mostly sugars chemicals and food coloring.

While children might enjoy getting the food coloring on their mouth every once in a while, it is not something that children should be eating on a regular basis.

Try introducing dried fruits, it is natural candy and contains more nutrients and less chemicals.


You might be surprised to know that the first ingredient in this yummy tomato dip is not tomato. Sugar or even worse corn syrup is the first ingredient.

These ingredients should be avoided at any cost. Ketchup does not provide any nutritional benefit either.

Consider replacing it with dip that are high in protein and fibres and based on real beans and food such as hummus or black beans dip.

Potato chips

Full of fat and salt, this snack does not provide anything to your children’s health. To replace the crunchy element of chips, use homemade pop corn and add a little bit of salt to it.

Corn is healthier and you know exactly what goes in your homemade food.


Popsicles are often made of sugar and added food coloring. You could replace this high sugary snack with home made popsicles.

You can buy plastic containers to make popsicles from almost anywhere and fill them up with juice or yoghurt to make your child homemade popsicles or frozen yoghurt.

Chicken nuggets

Store bought or restaurant made chicken nuggets are often fried and contain high levels of fat. You are also never sure of what kind of meet they are made from.

You can make your own chicken nuggets by dipping pieces of chicken breast in bread crumbs and baking it.

This way you are still giving your child this popular finger food, while knowing exactly what’s in it.

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