Alternative Workout Ideas That Don’t Involve the Gym

Exercise is important whether you just want to live a healthier lifestyle or need to lose weight. But not everyone likes the idea of going to the gym. Even if you’re not bothered about going, you may not enjoy the machines or the fitness classes there. You need alternative workout ideas, and here are six that are worth trying out right now.

Start Hula Hooping

It’s time to start hula hooping your way to fit. You can do this at home, but there are classes available at various sports clubs, community centres and leisure centres.

You only need your exercise clothes and a hula hoop. Your child’s hula hoop will do for now. When this starts to get too easy, you can upgrade to an exercise called powerhooping, which is designed to tone as well as help get fit.

Start Pole Dancing

Pole dancing isn’t just for strippers anymore. It’s a great way to tone up and get fit.

You’ll be surprised by the amount of muscle you need to climb up and hold some of the positions. The best part is you get to have fun and try something completely different while you do it. There’s no need to invest in any equipment, because everything you need is at the classes.

Get Surfing

Surfing is fun and has that element of danger. You’ll also tone up and improve your health considerably. The good news is there are now indoor surfing classes.

These are great for learning the body positions and getting the core stability to a point where you can surf on the open water. You will also improve your balance, which makes just generally walking around much easier.

Take Some Dance Classes

So, you think you can dance? Well, now you get learn and really give it a try. There are a lot of different types of dance classes available depending on your style and what you want out of it.

Ballet is great for toning and strengthening, while street dancing is more energetic to burn off the calories. You’ll hardly notice the hours ticking by when you’re dancing along to the music.

Pull Out the Trampoline

It’s another child’s favourite, but it can really help give your fitness levels a boost. You don’t need to do all the flips and special jumps. Just a small trampoline in front of the TV is enough.

Bounce on it for 30 minutes on a morning while you watch the news—that is if you can handle that 30 minutes! You’ll find you need to build up the stamina.

Take Up Martial Arts

Why not gain a useful skill while you get fit? Martial arts teach you the ability to defend yourself, which is perfect for women.

Too many men prey on women believing they are weaker. Being weaker doesn’t mean you are more vulnerable. You just need to know how to distribute your weight properly. You’ll get fit at the same time.

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