It’s Time to Work Out, Even When You Don’t Want To

It’s time to get another workout in. In your mind, you really don’t want to but it really is for the best. You will gain so many benefits than you would by sitting down, watching TV or doing anything else that you thought would be more interesting. Here are six reasons you need to do the workout, even when you’re really no in the mood.

It Helps You Feel Better

You may not feel it right now, but when you finish your workout you’ll be really glad you did. When you exercise, your brain releases extra chemicals that boost your happiness levels.

You will be more at eased, and ready to take on another 10 laps around the park! Don’t you want that happy glow for the rest of the night?

You’ll Have More Energy

It’s you’re feeling lethargic, it could be because you haven’t exercised enough. Yes, really! Unless you’ve had a rotten night’s sleep or you’ve been struggling with your energy levels for a medical reason, your body needs the movement and exercise.

It could be a 10 minute run in the park, but you will soon feel your energy levels pick up. Do your exercise in the morning, and you’ll feel the pick up for the rest of the day.

You Burn Off the Extra Treats

Did you overindulge at lunch or do you have a special birthday tea coming up?

You need to think about burning off those extra treats instead of feeling guilty for them. It’s time to put your running trainers on and get out on the paths. You will soon feel better about eating too much.

You Develop a Habit

You need to keep working at something for it to become a habit. It takes six weeks of doing something daily to finally settle in as a habit, according to some researchers.

This is one thing that you really want to become a habit right now, so it’s worth getting out there even when your mood is telling you to do something different.

You’re Building Muscle

While burning the calories, you’re also improving the muscle in your body.

This is great for giving you a toned look and fleshing out the body so you don’t quite look like a skeleton. Your muscles also support your bones better, and will not ache as much from general everyday activities. Even if you don’t see the figures on the scales drop, you will find your figure changes shape for the better.

You’ll Improve Your Sleeping Ability

Do you struggle to get to sleep? It could be that you’re not exercising enough. When you exercise, you burn energy. Your body then needs to sleep to help the body recover from that and get ready for the next day (as well as eating enough calories of course).

Sleeping is also needed to help boost the mood, improve the functions and overall health, and improve the brain power. You may as well help your body get it!

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