The Most Common Excuses for Not Losing Weight

Are you struggling to lose weight? Many women have issues with trying to shed the pounds, whether they have over a hundred or just a few to lose. When they don’t succeed, they start making excuses instead of accepting that they could work harder. Here are the most common excuses that you need to stop making for not losing weight.

It’s Just Not the Right Time

There is never a right time to lose weight. There will always be something happening, whether it is Christmas, a birthday party or a wedding.

Be honest with yourself that there is not a good time and just get on with it. Work your way around those events. You will have to eventually, anyway, when you get to your goal!



A Tiring Week

When women get tired, they start to pick at food. It is very common and normal behaviour. The trick is to knowing that you are doing it. Avoid using it as an excuse not to lose weight.

Tiring weeks can happen all the time depending on the job or lifestyle that you have. If you continue to use them as an excuse, you will never see your dream figure.

It’s Just a Little Bite

While you’re cooking dinner, it’s really common to snack as you go. You may grate that little bit of extra cheese to eat or have a bit of pasta while you wait for other stuff to cook.

Yes, it’s just a bite but it still counts. You need to count it, track it and accept that you’ve had an extra bite of a meal. Just one bite in the week isn’t going to make a difference but it soon piles up when you do it with every meal during the week.



Carbs Are a Good Post Workout Option

After working out, you may think that it is time to have a bowl of carbs to refuel. This is the wrong strategy. You will usually hear marathon runners have carbs before a race but they need protein afterwards.

Protein is going to do you much more good to refuel your muscles. You will also eat less so will see the benefit from your exercise.

Multivitamins Mean the Body Is Healthy

If you take a lot of multivitamin supplements, you may have the belief that you’re healthy. However, that does not excuse a poor diet.

You need to still eat your five a day and get something from all your food groups. The supplements are designed to supplement your diet (it’s all in the name!) not act as a replacement.



It Has Fruit In It

Whether it’s made with fruit juice, has fruit in it or has some salad, it doesn’t mean it’s a good option or going to help you lose weight.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the best things for you. The things made with fruit and vegetables still have other additives and sugars that lead you to gaining weight.

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