Breast Cancer: The Signs and Symptoms to Look Out For

As a woman, you will hear that breast cancer is the most common type of cancer that you will face in your life. You hear about it all the time and how important it is to catch it early but does that mean you know what to look out for? Not all women do so here is a breakdown of the signs and symptoms that could mean you have breast cancer.

Do Lumps Mean You Have Breast Cancer

Lumps are one of the most common signs that you have cancer but not all lumps are cancerous. While it is important to get them checked out immediately, don’t worry yourself too much.

Most lumps found are actually benign (not cancerous or life-threatening). Check your breasts regularly because smaller lumps are much easier to remove.



Lumps That Change in Size Are Things to Look Out For

When it does come to lumps, you want to keep an eye on them while you wait for your appointment.

Lumps are caused by the cells in the breasts changing and cancerous ones often get larger and more deformed over time. You may find that the shape of your breast changes and the lumps are painful.

Nipple Discharge that Looks Bloodstained

Nipple discharge can be a normal thing. If you have ever had a baby, you know how annoying discharge and milk can be.

However, you need to look out for bloodstained discharge. This is a sign that you could have another medical problem, including breast cancer.



A Rash Around Your Nipple

Another sign is a rash. However, it is really important to point out that this is the only reason you will get a nipple rash!

There are many reasons, including allergic reaction, irritation and other illnesses. Look at the other signs to see if they link together in any way.

Swelling Under Your Armpit

Your breast glands do reach up into your armpit so watch out for lumps up here. These are often missed by women because they forget that they should be checking all the way up there; they tend to just check the nipple and main area.

If you find anything painful or irregular, have it checked out. It doesn’t necessarily mean breast cancer but there are other glands around here that can swell due to various illnesses.



Scaly Skin that Looks Like Orange Peel

With some rarer forms of cancer, the skin can start looking scaly, like orange peel. The pores will start to stand out as the skin becomes inflamed.

This is definitely something to have checked out immediately. You will usually find it is accompanied by red and itchy/painful skin.

Pain in the Breast

You can have pain in the area without the lumps. Tenderness is common in breast cancer patients but also in women in general.

You may suffer painful and tender breasts during your period or a certain point in your menstrual cycle. This is when you need to look at other symptoms you are suffering with and signs that you may have breast cancer.

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