Don’t Let Period Pains Destroy Your Day

Period pains are awful, and you never really know when they’re going to attack. While you know they should appear around that time of the month, they can suddenly hit and really upset your day. There’s no need to let the pains destroy your plans for the whole day. Here are some tips to take control of the pain and get rid of it.

Look Into Mild Painkillers

You may not be a fan of aspirin and other painkillers, but they can really help once in a while. Try taking one or two to see if it gets rid of the pain.

Remember that it can take 20 minutes for the medication to take effect, and it will depend on the dosage that you take. Follow the instructions on the packet.



Use Heat on the Area

It may seem strange, but placing heat on the affected area can really help to reduce the pain.

You help to get the blood flowing more, and it gives your whole body a warmer feeling. This can help your brain release the right chemicals for natural pain relief. Try a hot water bottle for a few minutes if you have the time to sit down. If you don’t, consider investing in a heat back to wear throughout the day.

Do Some Exercise

Exercise is excellent for natural pain relief. Your brain releases the serotonin and endorphin chemicals, which help to boost the mood and ease pain. You may not feel in the mood for exercise to start with, but you will be really happy that you decided to do it in the end.

There’s no need to do a lot. Just 20 minutes of jogging on the spot or doing a workout DVD at home will be enough. If you can’t get out to do the exercise, find something to do around the office or in the home. Sometimes just 10 minutes of walking around will be enough to help.



Take Your Mind Off It

Sometimes you just need to take your mind off the situation.

This could be by getting on with the tasks for the day, or you could find something fun for a few minutes while you wait for the pain to subside. It can be really hard to not think about it at first, but as you start enjoying the tasks you will soon forget there was ever an issue.

Seek Medical Help

Sometimes the pain is just so severe that you need to seek medical help. There are some women who struggle with period pains for days on end. It can be hard to have empathy for these women until you suffer from them yourself.

The best thing you can do is talk to a doctor about your needs. Doctors will be able to prescribe stronger painkillers to help minimize the pain, and may even want to take tests to find out just why they are so severe. There could be another underlying reason.

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