Treating Yeast Infections in Women

Yeast infections are more susceptible in women and can be extremely painful. They cause irritation, itchiness and swelling and usually in the genitals, making them worse. However there is treatment available and you don’t need to rely on medication! There are over the counter products but they are not suitable for everyone and can be expensive. Here are some tips to help treat yeast infections with many natural products.

Don’t Scratch

The worst thing that you can do is scratch the area. While this may be difficult, you will just end up spreading the infection and it will make everything worse.

If you leave it alone, there are chances that it will go away on its own.



Wipe Front to Back

After using the toilet, never wipe from back to front. This encourages the infection to spread and can cause other medical problems.

If you are changing a baby’s nappy, wipe from front to back too to avoid spreading an infection.

Cotton Underwear Is an Excellent Choice

The choice of underwear you have can make yeast infections worse. They thrive in dark and moist places so you want to keep your genital area as dry as possible.

Cotton helps to soak up the moisture and leave your skin feeling soft and fresh. The material isn’t clingy either, which will mean that your skin and genital areas are able to breathe.



Avoid Tight Clothing

Tight clothing, such as tights and jeans, are bad for yeast infections. They stop the skin from being able to breathe and encourage the moisture to stick around.

Opt for looser clothes, especially while you are suffering from yeast infections. If you suffer from yeast infections on a regular basis, it could be your clothes that are creating the issue.

Keep Your Gut Healthy

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is important to avoid these infections. Probiotics are excellent for promoting a healthy gut and will help the body to fight off the infections.

Various foods can throw off the balance of the good bacteria (probiotics) in your body so you may need to take the supplements; many of which are available in yogurt form.

You can also each plain yogurt to increase the good bacteria in your body.



Use Yogurt on the Area

It sounds disgusting at first but it is really helpful. Dip a tampon in some plain yogurt (make sure it is plain!) and place it inside.

The yogurt is cool, which helps to treat the burning and irritation but it also offers help in fighting the infection.

However, do not leave the yogurt on for too long as it will make the infection worse.

Drink More Water

Water is the best way to flush infections out of the system. Increase your water intake when you have a yeast infection to help your body remove the toxins and fight the infection well.

If you suffer regularly from yeast infections, you should talk to your doctor. There could be an underlying infection that the above treatments are not helping.

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