Yeast Infections In Women

Yeast infections are incredibly common in women and most women will experience at least one yeast infection during their lifetime. Therefore, it is extremely important for women to be aware of the causes of yeast infections and the available treatment options. Yeast infections can be painful and impact your daily life if they are not treated properly.

Signs of a Yeast Infection

Most yeast infection signs are very apparent and the irritation alone will be warning of a yeast infection. However, there are some common signs that can be attributed to this distinct infection that is common in women.

Vaginal itching and irritation is the most significant sign, but this is usually accompanied by white discharge and a burning sensation after urination. Sex can also be extremely painful during a yeast infection.

If you have these signs you should seek treatment immediately.



What Can Cause a Yeast Infection?

Although the signs of a yeast infection are clear and apparent, it can be more difficult to define the cause of most yeast infections.

Yeast is always present in the vaginal area and disruption to normal PH levels can result in yeast infection occurrence. Yeast will then begin to grow quickly and this will cause an infection in the vaginal area.

Since yeast is already apparent in this area, it is very common for an infection to appear.

Antibiotics and Yeast Infections

One of the most common ways for women to contact yeast infections is through the use of antibiotics. When antibiotics are prescribed for different conditions they can result in yeast infections for women.

This happens because antibiotics destroy all bacteria and change the hormone levels of women. This often results in yeast infections.



Treatment Options

Even though yeast infections are extremely popular, they are not very serious and can usually be treated using over the counter products. These products will be successful in reducing the itching and irritation immediately.

In order for these products to work effectively, you must be sure that you have a yeast infection and not some other type of infection.

Therefore, there are available yeast infection over the counter tests that can confirm if your infection is a yeast infection. After you have confirmed your yeast infection you can begin over the counter treatment.

Home Treatments

Although over the counter solutions work well for curing yeast infections there are other alternative methods that are effective. Vinegar can be added to your bath water before you soak.

This can regulate your PH vaginal balance and stop your yeast infection quickly.



Yogurt and Yeast Infections

Yogurt is another way to naturally regulate your PH balance and reduce irritation associated with yeast infections.

Adding yogurt to your daily diet can also help you avoid contracting yeast infections altogether.


In severe cases of yeast infections sometimes prescriptions are needed to help you gain balance.

Therefore, if irritation and redness persist or if you get yeast infections regularly, you should consult your doctor for prescription treatment options.

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