Why It’s Time to Stop Your Night Owl Ways

Are you a night owl? It may have been useful while you were at school or college, but you will eventually have to get out of those ways. There are many benefits to being a morning person, which involves getting an early night. Not sure that’s the truth? Here are some reasons why you need to get out of your night owl ways.

More Hours of Daylight to Enjoy

If you go to bed late, you get up late. This leads to the chance of losing out on hours of daylight, which is especially bad in the winter.

Your daylight hours are not unlimited, but you will find that you get more done and become more productive during these hours.



Spend More of the Day to Yourself

When you get up earlier, you will get all the things you need to do done. This leads to having more of the day free, so you can do whatever you want.

Yes, you will have evenings free as a night owl, but this is usually the time that businesses are closed. By having afternoons to yourself, you will have access to stores or be able to get to the gym or a spa if you really want.

Get Enough Sleep During the Night

The only time being a night owl is worthwhile is if you work the night shift. If you work during the day, you’re not going to get enough sleep. This is disastrous on the body since it doesn’t get the rest that is required.

You will find getting on with work much harder, and will also find weight loss and other health issues harder to deal with. You may try to catch up on sleep at the weekend, but this just causes the problem to get worse.



Night Owls Are More Depressed

Research has shown that night owls, especially those who work during the day, are more depressed. This is due to not getting enough sleep and not seeing enough daylight hours.

Getting out of the habit of being a night owl is better for the mental health. You may be more irritable due to depression, which makes it harder to make and keep friends.

Improve Your Memory Capabilities

Again, linked to the lack of sleep, night owls have poor memory capabilities. By getting up earlier and going to bed earlier, you are more likely to remember the things that happen during the day.

Of course the memory is linked to other factors, but sleep is definitely a major part of the reason for it.



Get Back in Sync with Society

When you stay up late and get up late, you end up out of sync with society. You will find it hard to work, meet up with friends, and generally get on with things happening out in the real world.

While this can be useful for some personality types, you still need social interaction. This contributes to depression and other health issues.

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