6 Ways to Deal With the Haters

You will have haters in your life. Some of them will be bullies in school, while others can be ex-friends who are jealous of your success. It’s really important to learn how to deal with them so they don’t affect other areas of your life. They don’t deserve your care or attention. Here are six ways to deal with the haters.

Remain Calm and Brush Them Off

You will get riled up at the words they say. They want you to get riled up, so you start an argument with them. However, you need to stay as calm as possible.

The calmer you stay and the more you ignore them, the sooner they will go away. They will move onto someone else who is going to give them the attention they don’t deserve.



Sometimes You Need to Fight Back

There are times that ignoring them doesn’t help. It could be due to attacking someone else close to you because of you, or damaging your business or relationships because of their words. You need to work out when it is time to fight back, and come up with a plan of attack. No, this does not need to get physical.

You just need to work out the counter-arguments you will produce, and the things you can say that knocks down each of their comments.

Look at It From Their View

Take a look at the situation from their view. This is a great way to see why all this started in the first place, and determine whether there is anything you can do to help it stop. You may have brushed them off without realising at some point, which made them angry

. A product you created may not have been quite perfect, and they weren’t happy and felt victimised. Looking at it from their view can help put in the changes to stop it.



It’s Not Your Problem

Nine times out of 10 there is nothing you can do. It’s just something you need to accept, even if it is really hard.

This is their problem. Walk away with the knowledge that there is something missing in their lives, and they feel the need to put you down. Don’t let them get their way. They will soon realise that it is not working and leave you alone.

Stop Running Into That Person

If you can, make it so you stop running into the haters. This is difficult in some cases, especially with social media. There are a few options. You can block accounts, report to authorities or school principals, and talk to your parents about it.

Change the way you walk home or where you go for lunch just to avoid them. It may seem like giving into them, but you’re making your life easier.



Don’t Be Tempted to Join Them

It’s really easy to give in to their level and start battling back. You don’t want to do this. It gives them the encouragement to continue.

Yes, you can point out when facts are wrong, but try not to feed the trolls!

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