A Woman’s Day At Home: A Day of Relaxation

Out of the two genders that exist in the world, the one that works the hardest is women. Women have to work both in and out of the house, and sometimes a day off from everything is rate. However, when a woman does get blessed with a day totally to herself, she has to make sure she spends it relaxing. There are many ways that a woman can spend a whole day just for her own personal needs. Here is more information on how a woman can make that rare day be all about her.

Take a Bath

The best way to start out the day is to take a nice hot bath.

Pick a good book, or a nice piece of music, fill the tub full of soapy warm water and just soak.



Dress Comfortably

After your bath, get out your favorite baggy clothes and put them on.

You aren’t in an office today, so why dress in tight and uncomfortable clothes when you don’t have to.

Have Breakfast

You never have time to eat breakfast.

However, today you are staying at home, so this is the time to take the time to make a delicious and nutritious breakfast.



Make a Face Mask

A simple way to have a relaxing day is to make a beauty mask at home. You may have a face mask already, or you can make one out of yogurt and lemon juice.

Apply the mask and read a book while you wait for it to dry.

Do Your Nails

You can give yourself a manicure by removing old nail polish and trimming your nails.

You can apply a nice lotion to your hands then paint your nails with a nice coat of clear polish and then your favorite color.

Give Yourself a Pedicure

Get a nice tub of warm water with some Epsom salt and soak your feet. After about ten to fifteen minutes you can use a stone to remove any rough spots on your heels then rub lotion on your feet.

The last step to your pedicure is to cut your toenails and apply a nice coat of color.

Watch Whatever You Want

You may never get the chance to watch your favorite movie or television show. However, now that you are at home and alone, feel free to watch whatever you want.

As a woman you work very hard, and you deserve to have a special day that is all about you. There is no better way to relax at home then to do exactly what you want, and you will feel much better going back to work the next day.

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