Tips to Stop Putting Yourself Down

If you suffer from low self-esteem or used to in the past, you may find it common that you put yourself down for the slightest of things. This isn’t going to help boost your confidence. In fact, it will make it worse. Positivity goes a long way and it’s important to remember that you can do things and you are good at what you do.

Here are some ways to stop putting yourself down ever again.

Focus on the Good Things About You

Make a list of all the good things about you. They are there. It’s really common to look at the bad but that’s not what people are looking at you for.

They’re complimenting your eyes, your hair or even the way your voice sounds when you speak. Look at yourself in the mirror and really focus on those positives and then you can highlight them in the future.



Look At Where You’ve Come

Think about the past and look at how far you have come.

Think about your education and how much you have learnt. Or focus on how your financial situation has grown. You could even look at your life on a whole and see all the positives that have happened over time. It’s really easy to look at where you want to be and start hating your life, but many forget to think about the progress they’ve made.

Think About the Friends You Have

Instead of comparing yourself to your friends, think about what you offer to the group. They want to be friends with you, and there are reasons for that. You may be the funny one or the caring one.

You could be that one they turn to when they need a realistic and honest opinion. There is something that you offer that the rest of the group can’t, so think about that.



Stop Comparing Yourself with Those Who Seem Successful

It’s really easy to compare your life with what you know. You think everyone has it better than you, especially those successful businessmen and women, the politicians and even the rich people in your area.

The truth is that they have something they hate; they just don’t show that. They could be thousands of dollars in debt just so they could give the impression that they have money.

Be More Productive In Life

Take on a productive attitude. The more you do things, the less time you have to think about anything.

You’ll also feel happier about yourself because you feel like you are doing things. It stops you feeling lazy and like you’re contributing something to your life or those around you.



Change the Things You Can

Are you putting yourself down over things you can’t change? There’s just no point in thinking about them right now. However, if they’re things you can change, take the steps to do that.

It could be putting a little extra into a savings account for that down payment or doing more exercise to lose weight.

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