Why Am I So Tired?

Here are some possible reasons for your problem!


No matter how tired you are feeling at 5 in the afternoon, it may pay you to give that latte a miss. It has been found that any caffeine that has been consumed even up to six hours before turning in for the night can cause a restless and disturbed sleep.

This may cause us to lose up to an hour or more sleep time! When you sit down after dinner and decide that a coffee would be a great idea, think again. A lot of the time you will wake up feeling foggy and lethargic. This is due to the lack of regular quality sleep, so grab a cup of herbal tea instead and you will feel much better in the morning.



Eating Habits

Healthy eating is one of the most important things to help get through the day without feeling totally exhausted. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast and watching what you eat through the day will set you up for a great night of slumber.

How many of us have not eaten something and then immediately felt that we needed to have a nap? Eating or more to the point, overeating everyday can cause release of hormones that can make you feel the need to crawl to your bed. Try to stay away from the fast food, eat a balanced diet and you should feel better in no time.

Household Pets

For many of us we have a beloved pooch or cute furry cat that loves to snuggle up on the bed with us at night. For many people though, this can lead to a much less quality sleep than you would normally have if there were no furry friends sharing your bed.

Pets are like humans. They get restless, snore and wriggle around causing disturbed sleep for all inhabitants of the bed.




All of us worry about something and everything usually seems so much worse at night. In the end, worrying about what tomorrow will bring, will do nothing but cause exhaustion and irritability the next day due to lack of sleep.

Try some relaxation techniques. Yoga, meditation, prayer, quiet music or a warm bath to wind down before bed, are all helpful in relaxing the body and the mind before bedtime. Feeling more relaxed after a fantastic night’s sleep will help you to cope better with the problems you are having.

Keep active, exercise, eat well and inject happiness and positivity into your day. If you can find things to be thankful for and happy about, your whole outlook on life will change and a more relaxed you will emerge. This will help in any sleep problems that you may be having.

Changing lifestyle habits will go a long way to ensuring that when you do go to bed, you drift of into a peaceful slumber; and wake up feeling the very best you can. If all else fails, see your doctor who may be able to help if nothing else works for you.

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