How To Make A Halloween Costume At Home

Halloween is at the end of October, and some people spend months putting together their costumes. However, costumes can be expensive, but not having any money should not be a reason not to dress up. There are some great costumes that a woman can make on her own so she can participate in all of the Halloween fun.

Use face paint:

With corn starch and food coloring, a person can make any color of paint they want for their face. A red face paint job on the face with red clothes can transform a woman into a lady devil, a green face with torn clothes can be the Incredible Hulk, and those are just two of the costume ideas that can be done with homemade face paint.

Look for old clothes:

Old clothes that are too raggedy to be worn can be ripped even more, and a woman can put dirt on her face and look like a zombie or even a hobo.

Sheets make great togas:

A white sheet tied to the shoulder can be a toga, and the sheet can also be used for a ghost if two holes are cut out for the eyes.

Make fake blood at home:

A woman’s pantry is probably full of ingredients to make anything including fake blood. Corn syrup and red food coloring make the best fake blood, and it can be splattered across old clothes to look like a victim or even a homicidal killer.

Paper towels are handy:

People who want to look like a mummy do not have to use ace bandages, but can use something as simple as a roll of paper towels. The paper towels can be wet, allowed to dry, and then glued around the different parts of the body. The face should be left uncovered so some pale makeup can be applied to the skin, and there can be black put around the eyes to give an even more creepy and undead appearance.

Rubber gloves can be used for many things:

If a woman wants to look like a deer or a moose, then rubber gloves can be blown up and attached to a hoodie for an instant wildlife or forest creature. Also, a pair of rubber gloves can be painted any color and used for different costume accessories.

Cardboard boxes can be turned into costumes:

Everyone has cardboard boxes around the home, and if a woman wants to make a quick costume then boxes can come in handy. With a cardboard box, a woman can be anything she wants by either painting anything on the surface or printing something onto the computer and paste it to the box itself. Some creative ideas for cardboard boxes includes being a cell phone, a lego, or a product like a box of raisins.

Halloween comes once a year, and it should always be enjoyed whether it is for a child, a teenager, or an adult. However, if money is tight, the holiday can still be enjoyed with a homemade costume using things that are around the home.

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