7 Things Your Neighbours Want to Tell You

Having a good relationship with your neighbours is priceless. You could find someone who will look after your house while you’re away or pick up your mail if you’re working late. Bad neighbours can make living in an area a nightmare. The problem is some people don’t realise that they are bad neighbours. Here are some of the things your neighbours want to tell you but are too afraid of the backlash.

Keep the Noise Down!

You may not realise just how noisy you are.

This is common in a house full of children who are constantly shouting over each other and neighbours are usually understanding about this—the noise usually calms down through the night.

The problem is for couples and individuals who like to party on a regular basis or play the music too loud. Be considerate and keep the noise to a minimum.



Don’t Tell People How to Care for Their Homes

Sometimes the person next door may want your advice and will ask for it. When they don’t ask for it, don’t go around pointing out all the things that are wrong.

They may not be bothered that the grass hasn’t been cut for a few months—or may have other things on their mind. Stop being nosey and let them live in their space as they want.

If it overgrows into your space then you have every right to say something.

Stop Going Around to Borrow Everything

Neighbours loan things to each other on a regular basis. It could be a hammer or a screwdriver when trying to fix something.

The problem is when you go around to the person next door to borrow everything—well, not really borrow when it comes to groceries! Your neighbour is not there as a replacement supermarket or bank.

Don’t Instantly Worry About the Pets

The majority of owners will keep their pets under control.

Yes, there are some horror stories but the dog next door isn’t necessarily going to bark throughout the night and the kitten won’t always come into your garden and bite your child!

Give the animal some time to settle down when new and you may find that you had nothing to worry about in the first place.

Stop the Gossiping

Not everyone wants to hear about the neighbourhood gossip. Don’t share something unless the person next door has asked for it.

Of course, if it puts them in danger then definitely warn them.



Don’t Expect Everyone to Get Involved with Block Parties

The block may decide to put on a party and it is a great time to get to know everyone. However, you have to remember that not everyone wants to do it.

Some people don’t have the time to help with the planning and really don’t care. Don’t force them to help out and get involved.

Stop Using the Shared Space as Your Area

Hallways in apartment buildings or communal gardens are not an extension to your home.

They’re not there to store the things that don’t fit in your apartment and, apart from with gardens, a place for children to play in. Treat your neighbours with respect when it comes to these shared areas.

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