Is Downsizing Really the Best Option for You?

The children have flown the nest and now it’s time to consider getting rid of that big house. What you do need four bedrooms for anyway? The trouble is, downsizing may not actually be the answer. There are a number of things to think about before you start looking at those smaller houses.

Is This Really the Best Time to Move?

Do you really think this is the best time to think about moving? While it does take time, you will need to make sure the market is at its best and then consider your health, job prospects and everything else going on in your life. It may be worth keeping the larger house to avoid as much stress as possible right now.

Have You Got Just the Right Amount of Space?

If you have a lot of belongings that you’ll struggle to get rid of being moving, you just might have the right amount of space at this moment in time.

The last thing you want is to find you’re forced to get rid of memories and belongings that you want to give away when you’re retired and much older.

Could You Reuse the Bedrooms?

You may be able to turn the other bedrooms into something else, which is definitely worth considering. There are plenty of options available, including starting your own business and creating an office or opting for renting out your space to others.

You could even have the dining room that you’ve always wanted or the den that your husband has always asked you for.

It Takes Time to Move

You know that it takes time to move, but do you realise just how much time it can take? Some people find that their house is on the market for months, if not years, before it is finally sold and you are able to move onto a smaller home.

You could find that your dream home is off the market by that point.

It’s Mentally and Physically Draining

Just think of the amount of work put into moving home. You’ve got to pack boxes, work with agents or organise your own viewings, make sure the house looks perfect for buyers and then look for somewhere new to move.

It is draining physically and mentally. It could be worth avoiding the moving and just focus on enjoying your current home.

Losing the Family Memories

You’ve had a lot happen in the current four walls. Your children may have grown up there, you may have had pets and grandchildren running around and there may still be marks on the walls from all those trials and tribulations.

When you move home, you are moving away from all those family memories. You can’t take them all with you.

May be Easier to Declutter

One of the easiest things you could do is declutter. Work on each room and get rid of the things that you don’t need. This can help you come up with new uses for rooms and ways to make your home everything you need right now.

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