Baby Proof Your Home

Are you a new mother or expecting a baby? You might be wondering what are some of the necessary steps you need to be taking to baby proof your home and prepare it for the arrival of your little one who will be crawling before you even know it? Here are seven areas you need to pay attention to:

Electricity hazard

* Cover all the sockets by adding the childproof socket plugs.

* If you have any visible electrical cords, tape them or try tugging them under carpets.

* Keep all the tools unplugged and out of the reach of your child.

Choking Hazard

* Be careful that there are no little items on the floor that babies could swallow, those include anything from pins and buttons to the rubber cap on your door stopper.

* Remove all the stuffed toys and blankets from your child’s crib and make sure that there is nothing near the crib that the child could pull.

* Blind and curtain cords are a choking hazard, make sure they are tied or out of the reach of your baby.

* Avoid using magnets as children can swallowed them.

* Babies could choke if the crib is not properly manufactured. Read about the crib you want to buy and keep an eye on recalls.


* Lock your toilet lids.

* Because of their small size babies could drown in small amounts of water, so make sure you never leave water in buckets or in the tub.


* Use safety gates on the tops of the stairs.

* Remove or add padding to any marble table tops, counters or other items that the child can reach as these cause serious injury.

* Lock cabinets so that your children are away from any tools, kitchen supply or glassware.

* Make sure that large objects, such as closets and bookcases are properly fastened and impossible to be pulled down.


* Make sure the cabinet with bathroom and kitchen cleaning supplies is always locked.

* Any medications, vitamins or chemical products should be in a locked high cabinet that your child cannot reach.

* Remove the plants from the ground, especially those that are poisonous.

Fire hazard

* Adjust the temperature for your water heater so if your child accidently turns on the water there is no risk of scalding.

* Keep the oven door always locked and the child in the high chair whenever you are cooking.

* Be careful when you are serving hot food and hot drinks, place them away from the reach on the child.

* It is recommended that you use the back burners when of the stove, and keep the handles for the pots and pans turned towards the back of the stove to avoid spilling them by accident.

* Never leave your kids unattended, you will be amazed at how quickly they can crawl.

* Watch out for open front and backdoors and make sure they do not walk and crawl out.

* When outside, make sure your baby does not pick grass or other items and put them in their mouth.

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