Simple Tips for Bathing Your Newborn Baby

Bath time is a great time to bond with your newborn. She can’t do much right now but getting her used to the water will help later in life. She may scream at first; many babies don’t like the water because they get cold quickly. Here are some tips to make bath time more relaxing and fun.

Make It Part of Your Routine

It needs to become part of your routine as soon as possible. This way she will get used to it and enjoy it more. Make it part of the bedtime routine as a bath is relaxing and soothing.

You can also add a baby massage afterwards to help with the relaxation and calming down. Your little one will eventually get used to the water.



Keep the Room Warm

Wherever you are doing the bathing needs to be warm. Babies lose heat so quickly and will hate the feeling – wouldn’t you?

Make sure it is at a reasonable temperature, even if that means turning the heating on for the time being.

Get rid of any drafts from the window, even if it means temporarily taping over the vents.

Avoid Bubble Baths at First

Water is enough to clean your newborn baby so avoid all those products that you see “designed for babies”.

They are linked to problems with the skin as well as bladder infections. Avoid baby soaps as these will dry your baby’s skin out.

Don’t Rush It

Remember that this is a time for bonding so don’t rush the experience, no matter how much your little one screams. The best way for her to get used to it is to know that you are relaxed and it is fun.

Run the water over her body and take the time to wash into all the little folds in the skin. You’ll be surprised at how many there are and where infections can occur!

Get a Baby Bath or Small Washing Up Bowl

Buy a washing up bowl or baby bath specifically for this job. It helps to offer some security for your baby, since there isn’t as much space around.

Place it somewhere comfortable and stable, such as on the bathroom floor or dining room table.

As your little one becomes more aware, you could put it somewhere with a mirror so she can see herself – babies love faces.

Keep the Nappy On Until Necessary

Don’t put your baby straight into the bath. They tend to wee everywhere as soon as the nappy is removed and this causes problems for washing afterwards.

Do all the cleaning and wash the hair. Only then is it time to wash the area underneath the nappy.

Never Leave Your Baby

As your baby gets older, she will start to sit up and be more independent in the bath. This doesn’t mean you can leave her unattended; even if she is in a bath seat!

You never know what will happen and it just takes a few seconds for your baby to drown. Stay there the whole time and bond further.

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