6 Things to Try When It’s Naptime

It’s naptime and your baby is refusing to go to sleep. You were planning on getting so much done during these peaceful hours, and now you’re at your wits end trying to get everything finished. So, what can you do? The good news is your baby may just need a little help to settle down. Here are six things to try when it comes to naptime.

Create a Naptime Routine

You can’t just put your little one down and expect him to go straight to sleep. Babies need a routine to help settle down and go off into a peaceful state. Try creating a routine now, so it becomes easier later.

It could involve having a bottle, being burped and then going down with a soft song playing in the background.

Try a Rocker

It’s the movement that often helps your little one get to sleep. He may still be at a point where movement helps him, so use something that will give him that movement.

A rocking crib, a swing or even the bouncer. Sometimes just something to help settle him is better than nothing, but try not to rely on the movement as he gets older.

Go for a Car Ride

If you have the car at your disposal, it’s worth taking him out. Like the rocker, the motion of the car helps to soothe him. This can also help to soothe the pain of colic if that’s the problem.

Of course, this isn’t possible every single time he’s refusing to nap, but it’s great when you need those few moments of peace and you can always get the errands done at the same time.

Pretend to Sleep Too

Sometimes your little one needs to see that it really is naptime for the two of you. Lay down next to him and pretend to go to sleep.

Not only will he see that it is time for him to do the same, but you’ll bore him so much that he’ll just settle down anyway. Once he’s drifted off, you can get back up and start doing the things you needed.

Read to Him

The sound of your voice is comforting to him, and he needs to know that he’s safe and secure when he sleeps.

Try reading or singing a soft lullaby to him while you try to get him to go down. Keep your voice down and quite monotone, so it will lull him into a deep sleep.

Get Him to Help

Not all babies like to nap. Some don’t need as much time during the day as others, and that’s something you have to come to accept.

Find him something to do during the day, so you can get on with all the housework or anything else that needs doing. Give him a duster to help with the counter tops he can reach. If he’s still too small for that, invest in a sling so you can still get on with everything while carrying him around.

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