Drive Him Crazy With These Flirting Tips

Wouldn’t you love to have that man wrapped around your finger and at your beck and call? Well, you can with the right flirting tips. Flirting is the best way to get a man interested, keep him interested and make him want you more. However, watch out for teasing. Don’t flirt if you don’t want it to go further eventually; it’s just not fair to play games.

Lick Your Lips

A man’s eyes will drop to the lips of a woman when she licks them. It’s just naturally to look at where the move is coming from. This sends all sorts of signals around his brain, as he thinks about your tongue in other places. The next time you go for coffee together, lick the froth off your lips slowly and you will drive him crazy.

Talk About His Tattoos

If your man has a tattoo, he wants you to talk to him about it. You can also use this chance to touch the tattoo, and it will send signals around his body. Talk to him about why he decided to get the tattoo and what it means. He’ll love that you’re taking an interest and want to talk more about him.

Play With Your Hair

Avoid doing this too much but every now and then will drive him crazy. Men love women’s hair; they love the length and the fact that it makes them more feminine. You could go meet him with your hair up and part way through the date pull it down; he will be putty in your hands. Watch out for playing with it too much though. It can be annoying and make you seem like a child, which are instant turn offs.

Compliment Him at the Gym

A guy isn’t at the gym to meet girls, but that is a great side benefit. While he’s working out, he’d love for you to tell him how great he is and how impressed you are with his stamina and abilities. You could even ask him for some tips to help you get fitter. Catch his attention by showing off your curves with your workout clothes.

Make the First Move

It’s the end of the date but he hasn’t made his move yet. This is the perfect time for you to make the move, and he’ll love it that you’re so confident in yourself. You don’t have to jump in and kiss him. You could stroke his chest or play with his hair. He’ll soon be ready to make a move.

Help Him With His Shopping

His sister’s birthday is coming up or he needs to buy his mum a Christmas present. The truth is that he hates this and would really like some help. Offer him to help out with the shopping; after all, you’re a girl too! You could also take a trip to other stores to give him ideas for your birthday or Christmas gift; remember to do it with a playful wink.

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