How to End a Relationship Properly

There are so many mistakes in love, and even in breakups. When you end a relationship or they end it with you, it’s best to get a clean break. It helps the feelings disappear sooner, so you can move on. It also helps the other person if you were the one to do the breaking up. Here are some steps to take to really make sure you end your relationship properly.

Stop the Contact

Don’t be tempted to get in touch with him after you breakup. If you’re the one that did it, it’s not fair to then call him or text him to find out if he is okay. If he broke up with you, it’s going to be hard enough getting over it as it is.

You don’t want the constant reminder from him every single day. Delete is number and take the first step to moving on. If you pass each other, be civil but try to avoid the conversation for now.



Don’t Forget You Have a Life

There was a life outside of the relationship bubble. You need to remember about it now that the relationship is over. Call your friends and spend time with your family.

There are all sorts of things that you can do. Take a vacation, go on a shopping spree or just go to the movies to see the hot new release.

Stop Daydreaming About Him

Sometimes your mind wanders. That’s fine, but when you realise it is happening you need to stop it! Daydreaming is your minds way of thinking about the relationship while you’re awake.

You can picture a reunion, what the future could have been or even just remember the good times that you had. None of the memories are going to help you get over him. It’s best to take your mind off him completely.



Call the Girlfriends for Help

There’s nothing wrong with getting support during this time. Your girlfriends have been there. Your parents will have also been through this heartache, and your siblings, cousins and everyone else in your life.

It’s time to lean on them for support. You’d be there if it was the other way around, right? Get them to help you take your mind off things.

Write Him a Letter and Burn It

Get all the things you want to say to him off your chest.

Write a full letter, adding all the comments you want to make, the hurtful things you’ve ever wanted to say and the amount you still love him. Put it in an envelope, seal it and address it to him. Now you’re ready to burn it. That’s right. Don’t send it to him; you want to watch it go up in flames. It signifies you letting go.



Don’t Put It All on Facebook!

Too many people put their breakups on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. You really don’t need to do this.

In fact, it’s just going to make it harder for both of you. If you need to write about it, use a diary. If you want to rant about it, call a friend. Stay away from the internet!

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