How to Tell Him You Like Him

When you’ve found someone that you like, part of the problem can be telling him that you like him. So many women fear rejection that it causes them to hide their feelings or find very subtle ways to make it clear. The problem is that men don’t get subtle! They need you to tell them outright and in a way that they will understand. So, stop worrying about rejection and take control. Follow these steps to tell him that you like him.

Be Confident and Talk to Him

Men like confidence. It shows them that you won’t get clingy or needy. They like women who can stand up for themselves and take control of a situation. Show him you’re confident by talking to him and finding out more about him. This is a great way to find out if he likes you.


Show Him You’re Interested in the Things He Likes

Even if you’re not that interested, show him that you care about him. If he loves football, engage in a conversation about it with him. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes along the way. If you don’t know much, don’t try to blag your way through the conversations or pretend to know something. Offer him the chance to teach you more about it – maybe you have something that you could teach him too.

Flirt with Him

Batter your eyelashes and make more physical contact. Flirting is a great way to show him you’re interested. The more you do, the more he will realise that you like him. Avoid teasing too much. If you say you’re interested in something, he’ll expect you to follow through with that in the future. However, be aware that men find it hard to tell when a girl is flirting so you can’t just rely on that.


Ask Him Out for a Coffee

Start off slow and ask him for coffee or lunch. This is a great way to break the ice and you can do it on friendly terms without there being too much pressure. You’re more likely to feel relaxed so you can have a general conversation with him to find out more.

Ask Him Out on a Date

Be brave and jump right in. If you’re already on friendly terms and flirting is going well, jump in and ask him out on a date. There are many casual ways of doing it, such as having a spare ticket for a movie or wanting to try out a new restaurant in town.


Avoid the Childish Attempts

Avoid the high school tactics to get a guy interested. They won’t work. They don’t want your friends to do the work for you or for you to ‘accidentally’ send a text to the wrong person describing how much you like him. This is playing games and he may question about the other games you’ll play. Be upfront and honest.

couple-love-flirtBe Yourself

Don’t be someone you’re not. If you like something, don’t pretend to hate it because he doesn’t and don’t be embarrassed about it. If he really is interested in you, he’ll respect you for who you are. He’ll prefer that you are yourself since there’s less risk of changing in the future.

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