Reasons He’s a Little Distant from You

Are you struggling with a man who is distant? Many women fear that this is a sign he’s just not interested in you, but it may not be the case. There are many reasons for a man to back away and want to spend time on his own. Here are some of the more common reasons.

He’s Thinking Through Things

If he has a big decision to make, he may want time to himself. He’s trying to work through things in his head, weigh up the pros and cons and come to a final decision. Like you, he wants to make sure the choice he makes is the best one for him, the two of you and his whole family. While it could be whether to break up with you or not, it could also be over something happening in the workplace or a study issue.

He Doesn’t Feel Like a Man

There are often certain expectations of men. While you may not have those expectations personally, he’s putting them on himself because of the way society views men. If he doesn’t feel like he’s man enough, he’s going to back away from you and get distant.

He wants to feel needed and like a man again. It could be joining a sports team or doing a few things around the house because you’ve asked him.

There’s a Strain in a Relationship

Somewhere one of his relationships is strained. Now it could be with you—and you’ll likely know what that is. However, it could be with a sibling, a close friend or even situation at work.

He backs away while he tries to find ways to fix that relationship and move on. If the problem isn’t with you, you may want to ask him to talk to you about it and share the problem. If it is you, work out what you can do to help ease the tension between you.

Something’s Hurt Him

When men get hurt, they don’t always let out their feelings. They bottle them up and start to pull away. It’s more of a defence mechanism than anything else. Take some time to find out what the problem is and if there is anything you can do.

If you’ve hurt him, apologise and take the steps to make it right. If it’s someone else, offer your suggestions to help him through this.

He’s Not Telling You Something

He may be up to something and the only way to keep it is secret is by being distant. Now, this doesn’t mean he’s up to something bad. He could be planning a surprise party or organising a trip away. However, it could be something bad and you need to consider both sides equally.

Look out for secret phone calls, or if he’s putting paperwork away or hanging up calls as soon as soon as you walk in the room. There is nothing wrong with confronting him, but for now just see where it leads.

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