Top Divorce Myths Uncovered

When you get married, the last thing you’re thinking about is divorce. You believe that any marriage can work with some time and attention. However, that doesn’t stop those nagging feelings when you hear all about the statistics surrounding the dreaded D word. The truth is that a lot of statistics surrounding divorce are myths, or old truths. Here are some of the myths uncovered.

There Has to be Someone at Fault

This will depend on where you live, but in most cases now there are no-fault divorces. These are available for those who have simply grown apart and realise that it is better to separate.

However, it is better to work on the marriage, or at least try. The court will look into your marriage to determine if it can be fixed in any way when applying for no-fault divorces.


50% of Marriages Fail

You’ll hear that statistic that 50% of couples breakup. It can be a scary statistic but there is no longer truth in it.

Since the 1980s, the number of people getting divorced has dropped. Now around 40% of marriages fail, and that figure is still dropping. If the marriage can work, there is a reason to try before giving in.

Cohabitation Prevents Divorce

Many couples live together before they marry, but that does not mean that they are less likely to get divorced.

However, there are benefits to cohabitating. You will get to know your partner better, and it will build the trust and routine in your relationship.

The problem is the marriage afterwards can become stale. One of the main reasons for divorce is one partner having an affair—and that is usually due to a stale marriage.


Divorces Cost a Fortune

This definitely is not the case. It will depend on the case, the reasons, and the wants. When husband and wife are hostile towards each other and unwilling to give up something, the divorce can cost money.

If one spouse is very rich—or both are—then it can cost a lot of money. However, where both spouses agree, it is possible to sign the documents and be on your way for a minimal cost.

Marriage Counselling Is Needed Before Divorce

Many couples believe that they need to go through counselling before they can get their divorce. This isn’t true, but it may be worth trying.

It will depend on the reasons for divorce. Counselling may be advisable when it comes to a no-fault divorce, as it will speed up the court’s agreement that the marriage can no longer work.


Both Parties Need to Agree

Again, this isn’t the case. The court can decide that the marriage is irrevocably broken because one person feels that way.

While the other person’s considerations will be taken into account, if one person is unwilling to make it work then the marriage simply cannot work. The spouse wanting the divorce will need to file a petition with the court to have the decision granted.

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